Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sales, sales, everywhere!!

What's a girl to do when work is slow and the economy is so bad that sales are everywhere?Break my shopping ban of corse. I Actually didn't spend much money in the long run. Getting dresses for trading in old clothing and shoes that I don't wear, a Zara and Marshalls super sale and last but not least the Goodwill (my new favorite thrift in SF). I live close to many great thrift stores, that are usually pretty picked over, but the goodwill, wow, I am in love. It's only a few train stops away which makes it very easy to get to. And, really, how can you beat Forever 21 for jewelry prices? Don't forget you can click on any photos for more detail.

Brand new, (with tags) dress from Crossroads trading co. I love the sleeves on this dress, it's like a cape in the back too. Traded for clothing.

Another (new with tags) dress from Crossroads, I was worried this wouldn't be flattering on my womanly shape but somehow it looks slimming. Traded for clothing.
This shirt was found at Zara for 6$, it is a drapey cardigan with a built in under shirt in the front, it's sort of see thru which I like
I found this coat at Marshalls and it was my perfect size, and at 10$, what a bargain. I love the details, the zippers, the belts on the sleeves and the fun sparkle threads running through it.
I am in love with these great heels, they are such soft leather. I have realized if I go up one size in heels they are so much more comfy. These are the second pair of "too big" heels I have tried on and been pleasantly surprised that they fit great. These beauties were on sale at Marshalls for 10$, originally from Tahari they have a great triangular shaped heel.
I was on the fence about this dress when I found it at Goodwill, but when I tried it on it was gorgeous and I bought it! It is a challenging length but I wouldn't want to cut it because the print is so beautiful and being that I am tall I can pull it off well. It was 9$ Love the bows!
This dress is originally from Go international (target) it fits amazingly and Is very vintagey feeling. It was 6$ at Goodwill.

Necklace from F21 I think it was about 6$
This one also from f21, it was about 5$
This necklace was attached to a really weird tube top at marshalls, I loved the necklace so I bought them together for 5$. I might turn the tube top which is a pretty teal color into a skirt.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Zac Posen fall 09

I love the vintage feel of this collection.  Zac is always one of my faves for the fit and the very beautiful womanly vibe.

Betsy Johnson fall 09

I love Betsy, her line being the only new "designer" clothing I have ever purchased (my prom dress and misc. accessories).  She is affordable and so girly.  This collection has some structure to it and some of it even seems grown up which is new to me. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Proenza Schouler fall 09

I love this collection, its amazing.  Someday I will meet Jack and Lazaro and tell them how amazing they are (see previous post).  But until then I can just enjoy the designs!  The first one is my fave!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Better view of Rodarte fall 09

I would like one pair of the amazing gloves please and if you are so inclined why not throw in the jacket and the boots as well.

Rodarte fall 09

Shiny, fluffy, textured, metallic and sexy!! Pics via

Marc By Marc Fall 09

I'm in love with these structured dresses along with the Big boots and beautiful hats. Go Marc!  Pics via

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Haider Ackermann

More lovely draping courtesy of Haider Ackerman, a french designer. 

Monday, February 9, 2009


This is what I wore to a benefit party on saturday.  It was super fun and they raised lots of funds for refugees of war.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Clover field

In the past few weeks my backyard has turned into a field of clovers with small yellow flowers.  It was so pretty until I squished them all with my body.  

I'm wearing
Vintage dress
Belt-Thrifted vintage