Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Here are some of the photos and a video I took last night at CocoRosie!  It really was a breathtaking show.  The girls are so beautiful and their voices are so different yet complementary together.  It was amazing to finally get to see them live after being a huge fan for 6 years!   I ended up wearing something totally different to the show, so I took photos when I got home, they are pretty blurry but you get the idea!  

Dress-Vintage 80's Dianne Freys (Altered to make shorter)
Feather hair faccinator-DIY Pretty Pirate Designs
Shoes-Banana Republic (few years ago)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pride without Prejudice

Sunday was the 40th anniversary of Gay Pride festivities in San Francisco!  This was the first time I attended the SF version. I have previously attended the Seattle festivities but San Francisco definitely takes it up a notch.  First of all, I have never seen so many people, happy people, all in one place.  It was hard to walk anywhere cause the crowds were so intense.  We saw the backstreet boys in the parade and then performing on the main stage, people were so excited to see them, it was crazy.  They were great performers, their dancing was super tight.   My friend Sarye and I met lots of nice people and managed to have a blast. 

I am wearing-

Feather hair dangle-DIY/Pretty Pirate Designs
Tank-Arkay Workshop/Alternative apparel)
Purse-DIY/Pretty Pirate Designs
Belt-Moksha in Seattle/imported
Skirt-(previously the bells from pants that I altered into a skirt)/Import store on Haight St.

This guy is from Cheer SF and is currently on "americas got talent".  What a nice guy too!  We saw them perform and they were amazing!

Rainbow tail doggy!!

These guys have been together 44 years, thats more than most marriage's last!

Love the feathers

Angel on stilts

Cute float representing Middle Eastern gays

The house music block, people were dancing tough, this was one of my fave areas

The garbage was pretty overwhelming, they needed way more receptacles, they were all full

Watching the parade

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Outstanding day!

Continuing with my perfect week, I attended a amazing outdoor party on Sunday.  It was on Treasure Island right across from San Francisco.  The "sunset parties" are put on by Pacific Sound and are some of the most fun events of the summer, in and around SF.   Some friends and I, took off pretty early and were among the first 100 people there at around noon.  The number of people quickly grew to around 1000.  Not only did I go with some amazing ladies I also ran into tons of friends that I didn't even know would be there, gotta love that!

Some buddies and I  

The view from the upper deck of the art car, which was a wooden ship (see next photo).  That is SF across the water. 

A little jumping!  She was so darling, her dress was handmade and super cute!

My lady friend and I, this is my flock of seagulls hair do, it was super windy so my braid kept coming out. 

My friend Conrad, who is hilarious!  (you can see a closer view of the cute girls dress in the background too)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Retro Summer

I have been feeling really amazing the last few days.  After all the changes in my life,  I am finally settling back into my own reality, nicely.  I love my new apartment, it already feels like home which is of utter importance to me.  It's so bright and cheery so every day when I wake up I feel bright and cheery too.

Yesterday, I walked over to the farmers market to get some fresh produce, it was a lovely day for a stroll.  I ended up getting all kinds of goodies including some beautiful roses.  Today, I was going to wear shorts and a tee and have a casual day,  but instead, I decided on this vintage blouse.  I just love the light pastel color and the sheerness. The way I usually go about choosing my outfits is with one certain piece in mind, as in the shorts earlier and then the blouse.  I build the rest of the outfit based on the starting piece.  Most times it evolves by the time I leave the house.  How do you choose your outfits?  I always wonder how others do it.  Let me know!

 This outfit is much more my "Seattle" style.  When I lived in Seattle I wore mostly vintage dresses, I still love to, but I like to experiment with more modern looks now as well.  This outfit was so inexpensive too.

Here is all the yummy treats I got at the farmers market
Skirt-from a clothing swap

Close up of the shoes! ;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Black and White

Here I am back to shooting my own outfit shots.  At least my apartment is really cute and clean now. I had to purchase some new pants since I lost about 10 pounds in the last few months, I was lucky to find these and another pair, both Levis one pair was 5$ and these were 10$.  The good thing about living in the shopping district is that I have patience and like to go search for deals.  I am 2 blocks from HnM, 3 from F21 and 4 from Marshall's and Ross.  It's dangerous, I need to start working more.  In my old neighborhood, I was 3 blocks from all the thrift stores and it was much more my style but luckilly I am still fairly close to some thrifts and others are a short train ride away.  

Outfit Details

Sandals-Loemanns (broken, I added the ribbon around the ankles)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Derosa Art Preserve and My Band of Colorful Characters

First of all, let me apologize for my lack of presence here.  Having just moved I was hoping for a free internet connection which I did have, but it only lasted a few days.  I have now bitten the bullet and paid for it.  It's well worth it, I was getting so bored.  

Last weekend, some friends and I went to the Derosa Art and Nature preserve in Napa.  It was one of the most interesting places I have been, in the area.  I highly recommend visiting if you live close by and if you plan on coming to the bay area.  They have the largest regional art collection in the United States and quite possibly the world.  There was so much to see that I plan to go back in July with my mom, when she is here.  There were no photos allowed inside which is where most of the art is so these are all just outside shots.  

 I was so excited to see so much work by David Best, who I was already a huge fan of.  His art is really touching and invokes many emotions.  I saw a sculpture which was about the invasion of Poland by the Nazi's, it was a full size horse with a young boy on a carriage, it was really dingy looking with jewish stars and symbols all over it and underneath it was a pile of ashes, very intense and beautiful.  

The lake when you walk up to the first gallery.

This is the back of the property where a lot of the sculptures are. 

I was so excited to see so many peacocks, they were at the end of mating season so they were really loud.

The other side of the lake outside the second and largest gallery.

The old barn and stables, this tower was a add on by Rene Derosa who converted this into his home. 

These last two are from a event called ShowNuff I attend every friday night at 111 Minna.  My friend Conrad (playing the guitar) books the happy hour with live music which is so much fun.  It's free to get in with drink specials and great local live bands and is every friday from 5-9.  This Friday Kalri$$ian will be playing, who I preform with.  Come on out and see us!  Add us on facebook too!