Thursday, June 25, 2009

MJ :(

What is there to say that hasn't been said all over the world already, the man was a Icon. He lived a almost, sad life. I always felt sorry for him. I remember being a lot younger and seeing a made for T.V movie about his family. His dad was so mean to him. I'll never forget how that movie affected me and to this day makes me feel sorry for him. I love his music, it always makes me happy and puts me in a dancing mood. I hope we can remember the good things about this spectacular man. I also hope his children can have a more normal existence and not grow up in a constant spotlight like he did.

His clothing was so amazing, I was watching a show on TV about him just now and he was wearing the leg chain, just like the ones that Litter SF, is making now. He was always well dressed and put together even if it sometimes included masks and other weird things. RIP MJ, you will always be here in music!

One of the amazing leg accessories!!!

Customer Appreciation Photo!

As an Etsy seller, for almost 2 years now I had yet to have a customer upload a photo in appreciation. It's one of the fun options on the ratings page that people don't take advantage of. This lovely lady bought these great victorian style boots from me a couple weeks ago and I just noticed the photo today. Doesn't she look super cute. Thanks to nishibie for the sweet gesture.
It makes me happy that people are enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer of love!

Here are my new, gently used Hudson Jeans that I scored at crossroads for free! I exchanged some clothing that I don't wear or that I have decided is not as flattering as it could be. I am in the midst of cutting down my wardrobe to things I really LOVE! This process has just begun and I plan on having a clothing swap soon, to get rid of things and hang out with lots of pretty ladies.

This shirt was a dress that I thrifted, it was already cut and so I just hemmed it on the bottom so it was more clean. I also shirred up the top under the bust today to give it a more fitted look. I like how it turned out. The fabric is so pretty, I love the colors.

Hair-braided on both sides
Vintage dress/shirt-Thrifted and altered
Jeans-Hudson (crossroads)
Shoes-from Bali (purchased at a street fair in seattle years ago)
Necklace-thrifted in seattle years ago (one of my faves)
Earings-Purchased in Italy in 06


See you at the crossroads

I went to crossroads again this week. I love exchanging clothing I don't wear anymore and getting new stuff. I took a bag in and they took everything except 2 things. In addition to these items, minus the last black dress which I got at a vintage store, I got a awesome pair of Hudson jeans that fit like a dream. I spent a total of 6$ at cross roads and 18$ on the vintage ethnic dress which I had to alter just a bit on top (took in the sides a couple inches on each side). I'll show the jeans soon. Im wearing them right now with a cool vintage dress DIY, you will see in the next post.
Details of clothing
White blouse-f21 and so pretty
Black/white dress-not sure what brand but awesome for summer
Blue/cream dress-Dress up NWT very 40's looking, fits perfect
Black ethnic dress-Clothing by the pound on Valencia (LOVE it)

Pretty pretty pink birdies

My Bf and I went to the zoo this weekend. It was so much fun. I hadn't been to the SF zoo, so it was all new to me. I feel like the animals were closer than I had ever seen before (maybe thats why the guys got malled by the lion). I got some great shots of my faves.

I am wearing-
Coat-vintage military, thrifted years ago
Lace jacket(underneath coat)-thrifted with new tags Jessicas gunnies (amazing find)
Leggings-Burlington Coat factory
Shoes-Burlington Coat factory
Neckalce-I made pendant






Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Selby treatment!

I took some photos of my colorful house, inspired by The Selby. If you have yet to check out the Selby, do so, he is awesome!

Picnik collage

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sailing away

Here is what I wore today. I have realized I need to start wearing more of my huge collection of vintage dresses, they are getting almost no love which is tragic. The weather is finally warming up here again which makes it the perfect excuse to do so.

I'm wearing
Vintage blue dress-Buffalo exchange
Red/white shirt-Thrifted F21
Red belt-thrifted
red shoes-Carlos Santana thrifted
Little sailor lady
Little sailor lady
Little sailor lady

Paddle boats, ducks, turtles and waterfalls

Golden Gate park has so many fun things to do. On Saturday we went to Stow lake for a paddle boating adventure. It was a gorgeous day and tons of people had the same Idea as we did. The lake is the perfect size to go around about one time in a hour. As you take your journey on the lake you pass Islands with birds and turtles, a beautiful chinese gazebo, a tall waterfall and lots of beautiful trees and nature.

I"m wearing
Vintage Jean jacket-Thrifted
Black tank-Marshals
Shoes-Etsy (originally India)






Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Outfit for Today, I cut bangs again

Since you can see my dry shampoo here I might as well take this opportunity to tell you how this stuff has changed my life. I am so addicted now. I was wearing my hair only curly for a while because when I straighten it, it gets so oily so fast. Dry shampoo is a gift from the hair fairies. I told my girlfriend about it last night then sprayed some on her, she also could not believe it's effectiveness at taking away the oily from her fringe (she has to shampoo everyday becuase her hair gets so oily by the end of the day). There are many kinds out there, so just look for it where you shop. I have one from Renee Furterer from france as well as a brand from Sally Beauty supply (pictured). I just found out that Tigi makes one now too and rumor has it that the terrible Heidi from the hills is going to be coming out with one soon. Which ever you choose, just make sure to spray it under the part and rub it in so it's not too white. If you are too monitaryily challenged, just use some corn starch or baby powder, but use sparingly and rub it in under the part.

Today I am wearing
Jean jacket-Vintage thrifted
Grey shirt-Old Navy
Belt-Vintage Thrifted
Skirt-new with tags thrifted
Leggings-AA high waisted
Shoes-Etsy seller cookies and cream



Outfit for Tuesday

Here I am back to taking my own shots. This is what happens when you have too many days off and everyone else it at work. I am in love with all things 70's as I have mentioned before here and here. I wanted to wear these jeans but not look too "70's". My other new favorite thing is Picnik for editing my photos, even if they are crappy mirror photos I can make them look so much better with a little effort. I have been completely spoiling myself this week. I had a facial on Monday and today I went and got a pedicure and some chin waxing (it sucks to get old). I am not usually a pedicure lady, having gone to beauty school, I usually do my own toes. I think that's going to change, it's so worth the 20 bucks to relax and let someone else do the work. I stand on my feet for half of the week at the salon so I deserve it! Thats what I will keep telling myself, plus if I wasn't doing that I would have been shopping and my boyfriend is getting frustrated with all the stuff I keep bringing home for myself and my store. This way we both win.
O.k, o.k......Here are the details.

Vest-Thrifted vintage at the goodwill by the pound store in Seattle
Tee-Thrifted vintage Harley Davidson, I cut neck and sleeves
Jeans-Seven for all mankind at Marshalls
Shoes-Thrifted 90's gladiatior heels, so comfy too!



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Peace in Iran Please!

Everyone deserves a democratic process. If you are interested in politics, it's very heated now and fascinating to keep up with the news in real time new via Twitter (#Iranelection) I've been addicted all day and last night too. These people are just like us, humans who want and deserve to live happy lives without a dictatorship.

Having fun with outtakes via Picnik






Monday, June 15, 2009


I had a moment recently where this item would have come in really handy. I was wearing heels to go to a fashion show. I ended up having to walk A LOT farther than I had planned on. Like many blocks longer. I decided since my feet were literally dying and burning, I needed to get a pair of cheep shoes. I ended up going to DSW and finding the cheapest flats I could find for 15$. I worn them to walk the rest of the way to the train, then home. If These Rollasoles had been around I would have saved money and had a perfect pair to keep in my purse for future feet ouchies.

Via Perez Hilton.......
Female clubbers in Britain have been enjoying the comfort of slipping out of their stilettos and basking in the joy of flats at their favorite hot spots. For about 5 pounds (which translates to about 8 bucks), a pair of cushy flats can instantly be yours for your aching feet. And they boast being super flexible, so they can be folded up and stashed in your bag for latter usage.

Founder of Rollasole, Matt Horan, is one clever fellow and his inspiration was nothing short of moments of sheer inconvenience: "After getting tired of giving my girlfriend a piggyback home every Saturday night, I had a 'eureka' moment."

Japan town

My friend and I went to check out the Goodwill in Pac heights which is a area known for it's affluence. It was a great, clean, and organized goodwill. I was impressed. Being that is borders Japan town we naturally walked over to see all the cute that is there. Walking around all the cute stores made me wish of traveling to Japan even more apparent. They just have the cutest aesthetic.

New skirts in the store

Check out my store on Etsy! New skirts!!

new in store

new in store

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Girl Crush!

Brick My lane just did a awesome DIY! I just found her blog today and couldn't be more excited. Just look at the awesome shoes she created. I am thinking about using my DIY boots for a new Diy. I want to make them have open toes and, or some sort of cutouts, they are a thin enough material so I think it would work out nicely. I'll post pictures if I get brave enough to start cutting.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bad photos for your unpleasure

I'm back to relying on myself to take outfit photos. These suck, but at least you can see my new floral blazer and shoes, both thrifted. The boots are the second pair of lace up boots that I have found at this thrift store, the first ones were brand new Charles David and these new ones are never worn either, not sure if they are new or just never been worn, made by Zodiac. I have been wanting a pair like this that are comfy, easy to walk in and look great. So, yeah, they are perfect. I'm really not as mean as I look in these photos. I have one of the unfortunate down turned mouths, so I look upset when not smiling.

Im wearing-
Thrifted super soft bamboo tee, cut up to remove silk screen on sleeve
Thrifted blazer
H&M skirt
Thrifted Zodiac boots
New necklace made by me
Purse from Marshalls
Sunnies from F212