Saturday, February 27, 2010

Costume fun!

I'm heading to a costume party tonight with the theme of guru's get giggly,  I don't really know of any specific guru's besides spiritual leaders who's writing I read.  Most of which are men.  This is my interpretation of a indian goddess, good enough right? 

Costume details-
Head dress- I made (Pretty Pirate Designs)
Necklaces-Self made and gift
Belts-Ebay, Moksha in Seattle and scarf from Bumpershoot
70's poly goddess dress-Thrifted years ago
Bracelets-Thrifted all over
Hand Carved wooden Wedges from Phililppines-Festival vendor at Bumpershoot

Thursday, February 25, 2010

holding on

After putting this jacket on today I started thinking about some pieces in my closet that are timeless.  Things that you can have forever that go in and out of style but will always come back.  Military style is one of those among others that you can count on coming back eventually.  I have a habit of holding onto things I love for a long time.  I have had this jacket for about 10 years, yes again I am old.  Even after attempting to give it away to a co-worker years ago who then gave it back because he never wore it.   I am so glad to have it in my wardrobe and happy he gave it back to me.  I decided to mix it up a bit today with some romance and toughness. 

Outfit Details
Dress-Self Made (Pretty Pirate Designs)
Necklace-Self Made (Pretty Pirate Designs)
Braided/feathered headband-Self Made (Pretty Pirate Designs)
Belt-Vintage from flea market 15 years ago
Under slip-Self dyed dark brown
Green Sweater-Anthropology
Army Jacket-Thrifted 10 years ago
Boots-Bluefly by ASH

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day Of D.I.Y

Days off can be so rewarding.  Today after drinking a huge cup of coffee I was so inspired to create.  Coffee can change my demeanor dramatically. I need any motivation I can get to stop reading fashion blogs all day.  I'm fairly certain I need to drink it everyday instead of just sometimes. It really motivates me like nothing else.  I recived a lovely package of feathers in the mail today (thanks mom).  My father is a hunter so he has quite a few whole pheasants laying around, they are such beautiful creatures.  Over the holidays he gave me a few since I had been running out of feathers.  I was so excited to get them that I immediately starting making things.

I have been wanting to make a braided headband for a while.  After attempting it,  the size was a bit too small for the headband which led me to the idea to put feathers underneath it to make a combo of feathers and a braid.  It's great that the faux hair matches my color so perfectly!  I am really liking this, my plan is to make some more to sell in my Etsy store.    I want to say thanks to the beautiful creatures who made it possible to make these things.  I love being able to use all the parts of things and my father hunted these for the food but art was made as well. 

The braided/feathered headband

Feather earrings coming soon too!

I made this ring/bracelet about a month ago and had misplaced it until today.  I was so thrilled to have found it.  I have been wanting to find it and wear it again!  It's so comfortable that I can wear it while I do hair, not many of my rings have that going for them.  Wow, my hand is looking pretty beat up, silly cats. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

A day in the life, found my coat and grabbed my hat.

I shared a great day with some friends on Wednesday.  The weather was absolutely perfect which has now turned back to rain.  We started out in the park across from my house and had a picnic and some nice white wine.  As we drank the beautiful nectar we chatted about life, work and men.  We ended the night with music from my favorite local band, Gaucho who plays amazing gypsy jazz.  Gaucho makes me feel like I live in a bygone era, like I am in a fancy parlor with all kinds of interesting people.  I highly suggest you check them out if you life in SF.  They play every Wednesday at Amnesia.  These pictures are as the day progressed.  I changed my outfit 3 times, ha!  I love wearing different outfits throughout the day. 

My friends Emily with her dog Quaila and Kristy (notice the ladies in the background wearing their bikni's, yes it was that warm.) 

The token self portrait!
I love my Chanel knock off's

Mid day outfit-
Scarf-Vintage from Josephine 
Jacket-Thrifted with gift certificate from SFStyle. 
Jeans-Earl Jeans
Shoes-Steve Madden

Nighttime outfit-
Hat-Vintage and thrifted
Dress-Vintage and thrited
Velvet Jacket-Vintage, thrifted I added new (vintage)  button
Shoes-Vintage, thrifted and re-soled
Belt-from random blouse

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Talisman er Woman

Having been a jewelry maker in some form for over 20 years, I have now graduated to chains and charms.  I started with beading when I was really young and next the hemp necklaces that were so popular in the 90's and finally the chain jewelry that I create now.  I  decided this morning that I wanted to make something that was really meaningful to ME, a personal story of sorts.  A piece that describes me and alludes to my personality with just a glance.  A talisman is something that is supposed to possess magical powers and what better way to adorn ones self than with perfect little amulets that protect me from trouble.  The ones I choose all have different powers and representations. 

Amulets (Left to Right)

Gold Tassel-representing movement and a reminder to me to be more active (step away from the computer)
Quartz Crystal-Creates positive energy and balance.
Safety pin-A reminder of some of my passions, sewing/creating and art
Slice of animal horn-Represents my connection to animals and nature, two of my favorite things.
Peace Sign-A reminder to live peacefully and in tune with my self
Key-A connection to my heritage and family, this key is from my grandparents old house. The number 3 which is printed on the key represents (funny enough) being creative, artistic, positive, imaginative, uplifting (all things I would like to consider myself). 
Red glass bling-Red represents self awareness, gives courage and strength and offers stability. The bling also reminds me of my love of dressing up and feeling great. 
Scissors-Represents my chosen career of designing hair and making people feel great as well as my love of sewing. 
Bone-Reminds me of my love of Native American culture, the practice of worshiping the earth and being non wasteful.
Tigers Eye-Useful for focusing, clear thinking and good luck, protection from the evil eye.  

 While wearing this necklace I already feel great with so many personal items on my body.   I have to admit while making it I hadn't put as much thought into it, other than things I liked and wanted to add.  While making this list and doing the research I had fun and felt re-enlightened.  Even though I used the internet to find all the info, I have books with all the various info that I have collected over the years.  Which reminds me that I need to brush up on some of these things.  I believe the manifestation of this necklace and post will being great things to my life.

Ha, I look so perplexed, it's the silly self portraits. This is a pretty boring outfit, I was at home all day so no dressing up. 

Wearing-DIY talisman necklace
Shirt-Banana Republic, thrifted
Jeans-Levis, thrifted
Shoes-Steve Madden, thrifted

Sunday, February 14, 2010

love with me

Having your significant other leave town early on Valentines day morning is not the ideal way to spend the holiday.  I managed to have a great time anyway with a nice picnic in the park and a short but very successful thrifting excursion.   The weather was absolutely stunning today, I barely wore this jacket when I was walking around or sitting in the park.  I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place (you can see my house in this photo).  This dress has managed to become one of my most recent go-to pieces.  I am in love with it!  

Outfit Details-
Dress-Thrifted and chopped off about a foot
Belt-Grandpa's old
Necklace-Birthday gift, Betsy Johnson (thanks ladies)

Be my valentine!

I celebrated a day of love with my partner on the day before Valentines day.  We had a lovely day, brunch in the morning, a nice lunch with some friends and then a fantastic Italian dinner.  I ordered the butterfish which I have only had raw at sushi places.  It is just as tasty cooked, especially paired with a perfect white wine from Cinque Terre.   What did you do to celebrate love?

Outfit Details-
Vintage shirt-Thrifted/Vintage worn backwards for more cleavage (lol)
Dress (worn as skirt)-Thrifted/Vintage
Shoes-Marshals by Franco Sarto
Coat-Vintage/Thrifted 40s and so gorgeous!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Painted Ladys!

After almost donating these shoes on a few different occasions I decided to have some fun with them. Inspired by the recent ThreadBanger video and Doe Deere DIY,  I grabbed some paint and gave it a go.  These shoes were originally thrifted about 2 years ago, since white shoes are never very flattering I didn't really wear them.  These Nine West babies are still in excellent condition.  It was time to revamp them and give them the love the deserve.  Black and White together are a huge trend for spring and summer so I decided to go with that as my inspiration.

First I taped the buckle out of the way on the bottom of the shoe.

Next I stuffed some paper in the toe to prevent the paint from dripping through the holes. 
I used liquitex acrylic paint.  I'm not sure how this will hold up yet so if you want to do a similar DIY, use your discretion.  I know there are specific spray paints for shoes that many cobblers carry.  I have used them before and its quick and easy if you follow the directions. 


So much cuter than the plain ol' white and one of a kind!

Forecasting the future

Another work outfit, funny thing is I wore a long skirt and then watched all the shows from the first day of fashion week and saw tons of long skirts.  I must be a psychic.

Outfit Details-
Lace and jersey blouse-Self made (Pretty Pirate Designs)
Hat-Burlington coat factory
Belt-Vintage and thrifted
Bracelets-Thrifted all over
Skirt-Thrifted dress I altered into a skirt
Shoes-Thrifted Banana Republic and then hand studded
Velvet coat-Vintage/ thrifted and changed button
Fur collar-From a 70's coat I've had since the 90's, it was in bad shape so I cut all the fur off and am planning to make some purses out of it.

The future becomes the past

These are some of my favorite looks from F/W 2010 (first day).   I am so excited about some of the trends I am seeing.   I'm a huge fan of full length skirts which are great for tall gals like me.  I've always been into high water pants, back in the early 2000's I used to wear vintage polyester printed pants of all sorts and they were always cropped.  Flowy shorts are super fun and almost like wearing a skirt, the problem with those is finding the right cut when you have wider hips.    Wait until you see what I wore to work yesterday, it's very eerie, the outfit is a mix of all these put together and it was created before I saw any pictures of the shows.

I am loving the harness in the first photo and wanting to do a DIY.
By Kimberly Ortiz

Richard Chai Love
Love the flowy pants

Richard Chai Love
Long skirt with boots, love!

This is exactly how I like to wear cropped pants, with a romantic top and heels.
Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey

The flowy shorts and fur collar.
Vena Cava

Thursday, February 11, 2010

:( The Death Of Inspiration

What terrible news I heard as I woke today.  I just loved to peek through the archives and be inspired to create.  The dress (below) that Drew is wearing was in a magazine we have at work and was categorized in the worst dressed section.  I had no idea who the designer was, but I always LOVED it.  I tend to stare over my clients shoulders as they read.  I just kept thinking those magazine editors (US weekly ?) are crazy, or just clueless, for not seeing the genius in this dress  The dress is fabulous and unlike anything I have ever seen.  The intricacy of the pattern and the lines and colors are fab.  I was reading  some articles about his death earlier today and this dress was shown in a photo montage.  But of corse...... the most amazing dress ever was was made by him.   R.I.P To a visionary, he will be greatly missed and always cherished.  Now If I could just get my hands on her hair......eeek!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

double the pleasure

Can you tell I needed a pick me up today, dressing pretty and feminine always helps.   I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.  I have been thinking a lot about life lately and wanting to find a new path, one in which I feel like I am making a difference in the world.  I love my job as a hair designer but I think I need something more in my life.  Maybe this is what we all go through from time to time.  Being in my 30's now,  I feel it more than ever.   Wanting to travel, be married, have kids.  I need some more fulfillment.  I did start making a dress today inspired by The Boudoir Queen, who I love.  I am not happy with it so far so I will have to alter it some more and then I'll show it off here.

Outfit Details-
Lace blouse-Thrifted (my new favorite layering piece)
Tights-Vintage danskin (new in package from thrift store in Oregon)
Shoes-Vintage, Thrifted in my home town (mens I think)
Necklace-Self made, Pretty Pirate Designs
Flower pin-Self made 

This is what I wore to work yesterday, I was getting some seriously crazy stares on the street.  I find it really amusing when people stare at my outfits.  It makes me feel good, knowing that I look different and am not a clone.

Btw, these new boots are from Bluefly.  It was my first purchase on that site, they were a gift from my BF for my birthday.  I had many problems with them and eventually got a damage refund from them.  These boots are the most expensive shoes I have ever owned and I wanted them to be perfect.  I have been searching from some simple riding boots for a while and these were exactly what I wanted.  They came to me with some smudges on them and creases on the toes, it looked as if they had been tried on a bunch and returned.  They were the last pair available and not in perfect condition but they were sold as new and perfect.  They said they would give me a damage refund for $21.80 and then refunded me $17.80 (after this I could never return them).  I had to email them to tell them they messed up (again).  The whole experience was terrible and I'm not sure I will ever use the site again.  I do love the boots though and am happy with the quality besides the damage (which is not too noticeable).  I got a great deal on them but the hassle was dreadful.

Outfit Details-
Earrings-Burlington coat factory
Beaded Jacket-Vintage, Thrifted in my home town
Dress-Old basic, cant't remember
Wooden Belt-Thrifted
Boots-Ash, Bluefly

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Working for the weekend

Cream and black lace have got to be my most favorite things.  I have about a foot of my closet dedicated to these colors and textures.  I'm off to work for a few hours today, someone's gotta make people's hair look lovely. I would love to go hiking after work but with all this crazy weather I'm not sure it will happen.  Can you tell I cut way more off my bangs?   I'm so happy with them like this.

Necklace-Goodwill bins in Seattle
Lace Cardigan-Vintage NWT Jessicas Gunnies, thrifted
Belt-Betsy Johnson
Lace Leggings-HnM
Random thrifted bracelets

Friday, February 5, 2010

Grey scale

Here's a few shots of my work outfit today.  I seem to dress more trendy for work then I do when I am not working.  It must be the colors I have to wear which are black, white and grey.  I really like the shoulders on this dress, it was hard to get a good picture but they are nicely draped and large.  The sequins are pretty rocking too!

The Details-

Jacket-Burlington coat factory
Dress-Crossroads trading co.
Leggings-Urban Outfitters
Bracelets-All thrifted randomly 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Backward process!

For me the evolution of my outfits is most of the fun.  When I have time I like to try different things, add, take away and play.  It's so much fun.  Sometimes I miss having lady housemates to play dress up with.   When my friends do come over I tend to dress them up in my fabulous vintage dresses and accessorize accordingly.  I am a crazy old lady, already.  I can't wait to see what I do with my kids and grandkids.  Watch out kids, momma's gonna make you look fabulous.  Can you tell my clock is ticking, ha!


Blue suede coat-Vintage and thrifted in Oregon
Dress-Thrifted and shortened
Feather head dress-Self Made, Pretty Pirate Designs (will be selling these soon)
Shoes-Vintage and thrifted in my home town
Cream blouse-Thrifted
Tassel necklace-Thrifted in my home town
Locket necklace-From a deceased family friend who I never met, I call them the Josephine collection.  When I was home for the holidays I acquired a ton of great vintage jewelry, lots of rhinestones.  I'll do a proper post to show you soon. 

First look (minus feathers and Jewelry)

Minus coat

Feather headdress I made a while ago.  More to come for sale when my feathers arrive.  My father is a hunter so I have 4 pheasants coming. 


I love these shoes, they look great with almost everything.