Thursday, February 25, 2010

holding on

After putting this jacket on today I started thinking about some pieces in my closet that are timeless.  Things that you can have forever that go in and out of style but will always come back.  Military style is one of those among others that you can count on coming back eventually.  I have a habit of holding onto things I love for a long time.  I have had this jacket for about 10 years, yes again I am old.  Even after attempting to give it away to a co-worker years ago who then gave it back because he never wore it.   I am so glad to have it in my wardrobe and happy he gave it back to me.  I decided to mix it up a bit today with some romance and toughness. 

Outfit Details
Dress-Self Made (Pretty Pirate Designs)
Necklace-Self Made (Pretty Pirate Designs)
Braided/feathered headband-Self Made (Pretty Pirate Designs)
Belt-Vintage from flea market 15 years ago
Under slip-Self dyed dark brown
Green Sweater-Anthropology
Army Jacket-Thrifted 10 years ago
Boots-Bluefly by ASH


Missa said...

I'm loving army green with white lace lately! The dress is so gorgeous!

Eyeliah said...

I'd say the lace dress is also timeless ;-)