Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its a hot one!

Summer has arrived again in San Francisco. It happens a few times a year, it gets really hot and people gets really excited, at least I do.  This outfit is very much me.  I love vintage style and feeling dressed up and pretty.  I feel very well put together in this.  It is very matchy matchy but in a good way!  
Hair-braided and then coiled up in the back. 
Shirt-Thrifted originally F21
Belt-Vintage 80's Thrifted
Skirt-Vintage 60's or 70's and thrifted
Shoes-Ross a couple months ago, this is their debut on my feet. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Outfit for today

We are having a summer resurgence here in SF. This is the typical time for our real summer they say september and october are the best months.  Lets hope it stays like this until november.  I love it!

Outfit Details (click on photos for more detail)

Necklace-thrifted years ago
T shirt-3 pack that I cut up
Skirt-Vintage from Buffalo exchange
Shoes-Anna Sui

Monday, August 25, 2008

I want! Rodarte!

I am a bit obsessed with the crocheted tights that Rodarte showed for fall 08.  I want to try to make some but it seems like a challenge.  Maybe I can make some really long leg warmers with ribbon ties at the top to wear in a similar way.  I spotted this group of people at dinner last night and i liked the tights that the girl with the candle is wearing.  Her way might be a easier option, maybe I should just go crazy with the rips and tears.  I already did this to another pair earlier.   That pair was a thicker almost sweater like texture which worked really well. 

My Avatar

I found this site and made a avatar.  I like the options they have compared to other sites I have used in the past!  I just wish they had a good wavy hair option. 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summertime Beach adventures

We had so much fun on sunday.  It started out at a friends house for super yummy breakfast, then after we ate, we went to Stinson beach.  It was so nice out and we had the best time jumping huge waves in the ocean.  It's been a really long time since I have been able to swim in the ocean, its usually too cold, but it was perfect and so much fun to jump huge waves. 

Bikini top-I made out of a vintage table cloth and vintage crocheted trim and lace.
Earrings-I made

Edit: There was a shark sighting at this same beach the day we were there, its been all over the news today and the beach is now closed until friday the 29th.  It happened about a hour after we left, at 7pm. It's a little bazaar that we were watching jaws the night before.   All we saw was a really cute seal and a bunch of dogs.  

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Todays outfit

This is what I wore to work today, and then I proceeded to get hair color on my shirt.  The  sucky part is that I made this shirt and I really liked it.  I think I can manage to get the color off with some strategic bleach work with some q-tips.  

Shirt-Pretty Pirate Designs

Botox injected bag???

Zagliani has been injecting the skin used in its bags with Botox.   Crazy you say?  Apparently this procedure makes the crocodile or python skin feel like cashmere.  Some say that this is a good idea, that it makes the bags so nice that you will want to use them for generations. I can understand that, I guess.  But what is next?  Shoes filled with gold? 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Diy and todays outfit

I have been loving all the distressed light denim I have been seeing on blogs and in shows.  This photo is from Christopher Kane's fall 08 collection.   I found these light jeans a few weeks back and then cut them up a couple days ago.  They will only get better with more wear and more DIY cuts that I will make prior to the next wash.  I also cut some slits in the back. 

Shoes-Anna Sui
Belt-previously x boyfriend's (?)  

DIY studded boots

I got these boots a couple weeks ago for a great deal. I also picked up some studs from a online stud company.  The studs are so inexpensive from studs and spikes compared to the first set I bought at a local craft store.  After wearing the boots I decided they were just a tad boring and decided to merge my two new purchases together.  My inspiration was 1/2 louboutin and 1/2 Tripp. By the way the Tripp boots are on super sale now (click on the link above them to see).  I love the way mine turned out and I am now looking for other things to add studs to.  If you decide to stud up some boots, make sure you get the strong metal studs and use a fabric based pair of boots.  

Louboutin boots sold out

Here are my take 

The most amazing photos ever

666 Photography blows my mind.   Based in Austin TX, 666 makes all their sets from the ground up, as well as making hand made props and clothing.  Anyone can get shot by 666 all you need is money, and a flight to Austin.  It is my dream to do a 20's shoot like the one you see down there a bit.  Check out the myspace........

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Evolution of todays outit

I saw a photo earlier and thought I wanted to try to emulate it.   I was so excited to wear my sweethearts shirt, that I bought for him.  I realized after taking the photo that I did not like the silhouette.  I decided to change the skirt part to a shorter and more slim bandage type skirt, then I got too hot wearing this long sleeved shirt. So the final outfit is what I ended up with, the shorter skirt, short sleeved shirt and belt. 

Vintage red western shirt-boyfriends I bought at thrift store
Brown leather braided belt-thrifted (finally got back from x roommate who stole it)
Slips-vintage and hand dyed by me (red and brown)
Boots-ebay (Charles David) Nwot
Vest-thrifted then cut sleeves off (little boys section)
blue tights-ross?
Green tights-thrifted new
Back skirt-HnM
Blue belt-vintage thrifted
Blue floral shirt-vintage thrifted
Necklace- chains etsy (vintage) and grandmas and charm from bf

Thursday, August 14, 2008

She chopped it!

How cute is Agathe with her new haircut.  Yes I am still stalking her at her phiary account. 
She looks amazing!!

good men, hopefully!

My Jewish boyfriend thinks this shirt I'm wearing looks like Hitler. He kinda hates it. I think it's weird and I like it. It says something about mourning in spanish with the years 1972-2007, so I think it's a latino guy. Although it is kinda sad, I believe I am keeping his spirit alive by wearing this shirt, I just hope he was a good man.

 In other good man news, my boyfriend brought me a gold charm from Paris. I had my gold charm bracelet stolen when I first moved here. It was a gorgeous bracelet, however it was not of my making. My mothers best friend from growing up gave it to me, it was filled with all her charms from growing up. I'm sure it was worth a pretty penny now. It had the sweetest charms and some had really neat moving parts as well as gems. My sweetheart decided I needed to start one of my own to replace it. So now I have a gold charm, and soon I will have more and get the bracelet to keep them all on. It's going to be fun to fill it up, albeit expensive. The other heart charm belonged to my great grandmother whom I never met, but there is a sweet little bite mark on it from my grandmother when she was a small child.

Outfit dets...

Sandals-buffalo exchange (new)
New gold charm on necklace- arch de triumph (gift from boyfriend)


I had a glycolic peel 2 days ago and now my face looks like it has scabs all over it.  I feel like I look like a meth addict.  I always knew my skin was sensitive and yep it still is.  So beware yall, tell your esthetician before you get a peel if you have ever had any reactions to waxing, or any other chemicals.  I think I am done putting harsh chemicals on my skin.  It freaks me out anyway.  Anything that burns and stings can't be healthy.   Here are the before and after photos of my skin.  Anyone else have this happen?

This was the day before the peel.
2 days after the peel, this isn't even as bad as it looks in person.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Great new finds in my Etsy store

That time of year!

I know a lot of my friends are gearing up for burning man, so I thought I would put together some of my favorite things on etsy for the burn.  This is a short list of sellers, if you go to thier respecctive stores, there is much more to see.  I hope it's a fun year at the burn for whoever is making it and don't forget to be safe!!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another day another new pair of shoes.........

Not another new pair of boots. Yes, I did.   These are heels and super shinny with a great shaped heel. I will post more pictures later of the details.  They were on super sale at my, way too local, shoe store.  The man and I went to the store with a friend who shot these blury photos.  I swear someday all my pictures will be pretty like all the other creative beautys. 

Outfit details

Coat-vintage from a garage sale few years back
T-shirt-thrifted and altered (its hand painted with a native american beauty on the front)
Frienge purse-my design
Jeans-vintage and thrifted
Boots-Miz mooz (super sale 30$ down from 180$)
Boyfriends fringe coat-vintage thrifted by me