Friday, May 30, 2008

Out of commission

Im sick and I'm sure you don't want to see pics of me with my crazy hair and cozies on.  Or maybe you do?  In the mean time here is a oldie of me and my sweetheart, one of my faves.

All the clothes are mine, I dressed him up for a outdoor party/festival here in Sf last summer. 

On me
Dress-50's thrifted
Crinoline-vintage german from ebay
Shoes-thrifted nine west
Necklace-My design

On bf
Coat-vintage trifted red velvet 
Hat-hat store on Haight

Trendy, to be or not to be

I was reading a post today from clothes horse that reminded me of my frustrations with trends.   

 This weekend I was shoping and I went into urban outfitters just to check out the sales.  I normally dont shop here because I find it over priced and feel that most of the things they sell I could find at any thrift store, if I wanted to. 

 I see this girl who was dressed so uber trendy that she was almost like a parody of herself.  She was wearing a fedora, a scarf (like the one rachel ray wore in the commercial), tight grey jeans with black pirate boots over them.  She was also very young and tini and just had too much on, she had overdone it.  I am not one to critisize individual style, but this was nothing of the sort.  It was all trendy items that she had layered upon each other.  

I am not saying that I don't folllow trends in some way because there is no way around this.  I actually liked all the things she was wearing, just not all together. Funny,  I actually have all the items she was wearing.  I would just choose to wear them with other interesting vintage things or basics.  What do you think?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Saturdays outfit

I got these sportmax pants in Italy, not knowing then what sportmax was.  Now I know I got a great deal! They are really great pants and the fit is awesome.  I have been wearing them more lately then I ever have, after having them for 2 years.  Click on photos to see more details, these pants have great ones. 

pants-sportmax, bought in Italy
cropped vest-thrifted in seattle
crazy stripper shoes-nine west
belt-thrifted sf
necklace-thrifted in seattle

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Amazing website....NO

Check out Victor and Rolf's website, its fab! Make sure to go in all the rooms. It's kinda like being in the movie Annie!

I think their coats are so creative and beautiful! And I love the boots, in purple!



I just got this cute playsuit and was trying to figure out how to make it more modern.  I cuffed the shorts and it looks much better now!

Vintage playsuit-thrifted at thriftown
Vintage hat-thrifted at community thrift
Shoes-Banana Republic

Friday, May 23, 2008

todays outfit, new belt!

My new belt is from etsy seller daisy fairbanks, she is semi close to SF in santa cruz and has a store.

T-shirt- F21
Skirt- H&M
Tights-walgreens (way too much control top) :)
Bag-made it myself out of scraps from thrift store 

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Todays outfit feeling creamy

Here I am at work.  I was in a romantic mood today!

Shirt- moda int. 
Belt-free at burning man in 2003
Skirt-buffalo exchange, altered by me
Camisole-hand dyed by me
Necklaces- orange one made by me, rest are gifts

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My jewelry, favorite things

I got a chance today to take some shots of my jewelry.  These are some of my favorite things. Like I have mentioned before I was starting from the top (of my body)so I already did hats and now the jewelry.  I hope you enjoy looking at pic's of some pretty things.

On the left, my granny's old glasses and the right from F21.
A large mess of necklaces
Assorted earrings 
And my gorgeous new jewelry box that my sweet boyfriend got for me on my 30th birthday.                                               

Outfit for today

I have been majorly slacking in the outfit posting, sorry!   I have been trying to get my etsy store filled up and have been making, dyeing and creating.  It is also hard to get the boyfriend to take pictures of me, he has been really busy as well.  Finally I convinced him to take one shot this morning. It's not so bad considering  I only had one shot, I do look a little mean but I assure you that is not the case.  Here are the dets of the outit.

T-shirt-thrifted then cut up and hemmed to make smaller (it has a weird guy on it with all the writing in German)
Vest-thrifted then I added the ruffles and the iron on patch which is vintage and says "going my way"  with a little thumbs up. 
Purse-thrifted leather scraps that I made into a great purse that I love. 
Shoes-thrifted and amazing

New stuff on Etsy

I have finally had a chance to add some handmade items to my Etsy store.  I have been hand dying slips for a few years now and just did a few batches.  The colors are so vibrant and bright for summer.  I have added a couple so far and will add more later tonight as I finish embellishing them.  Look for more bright yellow, bright orange and turquoise.

 I want to thank all my readers, I know there are only a hand full of people who actually take the time to read it but I do thank you and I hope I am not too boring!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Polyvore set, red white and black

I was feeling a little theatrical, so this is my expression of that. I love this combo of colors, but it has to be done right or it can be too theatrical

Cool new website,trendi

Surprise, another new fashion website.  This one is created by a women from Seattle, Jenny.  I don't know her personally but I used to live in Seattle and have a spot in my heart for anyone there that is into fashion (it's not the most fashionable of places). However there are many fashionable people there.  The website focus is on shopping and you can rate things you like or dislike.  The best part is that it's a great resource for indie designers because she lets indie designers upload their stuff to be voted on and purchased, for free.  Its great for feedback and selling.  I am mostly using it to get the word out about my designs.  I thank jenny for allowing this and I encourage you to check out the site at   Here are some of the designs I uploaded, they are all created by me,

The red and white dress is my Minnie Mouse dress and the Big bow dress can also be a skirt, it is actually sold.

This maxi dress (modeled by me) is made out of vintage light weight polyester with ruffles and halter top.

Lastly the scrunchy white dress, made out of satin-like polyester I got from my grandmothers old vintage fabric stash and the leather belt with fringe and studs (I gave away as a gift)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Clothing Swap party

Clothing swaps are always so much fun!  It's really just a GREAT excure to get together with fun ladies and drink wine and play dress up.  I think the dogs had almost as much fun as we did, they were burrying themselfs in the pile. 

After we had finished the swap Nichole's boyfriend showed up and surprised her with a new baby kitten, he was the sweetet little guy, so mello and so pretty.  He was born on st. pattys and last I heard they were naming him clover. 

My friend Emily, who hosted the party had some wine then confessed that she had purchased 9 pairs of shoes earlier in the day.  We were cracking up.  Emily is the sort of girl who usually buys 1 pair of shoes for 200$  but that day she had ended up at Ross and apparently they had a lot of great shoes, so instead of 1 pair for 200 she got 9.  Here she is with some of her new purchases.  I have to tell you she really did score.

The following few shots  are some of our new outfits from the swap! First kristie ( in my old dress, and styled by me with the scarf and undershirt), then me (whole outfit and shoes from the swap) and last is emily  (in one of her 9 pairs) and nichole being silly. 

The night ended up with some of us out on the town, I just loved this vintage vehicle. L to right are Kristie, Sara and Emily (wearing another one of the 9 pairs).  

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Flight attendant fashion

After seeing the Macr Jacobs collection I started seeing flight attendant fashion all over, so I gathered some photos of some great eamples of hot flight attendants. 

The following 2 photos are from a exibit in seattle at the museum of flight.  I love these older ladies rocking the amazing suits, especially the yellow one.  I hope I am still hot at that age! (pisc from Conniesewer)


These two ladies are friends of mine in seattle.  They have a production company called Luckyclam productions.  Lucky penny  (the red head) is a burlesque dancer and costume/fashion designer.  I am pretty confident that she designed these two outfits.  Queenclam  (the blond) is in advertising and is one fun gal. 

This next shot is from Singapore airlines. How great are they, polished and ethnic all at the same time.
These next two are from southwest, I love these outfits and I would totally rock those boots (I actually have some similar ones!)  The crazy part is  this is the airline that was in the news for trying to tell a women to change her clothing while on a flight, because they thought she was showing too much skin. 

Thanks to all the sources of the pics and please check out the links for more info on the great people.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Loot from thrifting

I look very absent here but it was early.  I am very casual today. I got this whole outfit thrifting yesterday.  It was actually quite funny as I looked over at the mens jeans and thought to myself that I needed some vintage Levis.  I wore these type of jeans all throughout hi-school and for some reason in that instant, I knew I wanted a pair.  I never thought in a million years there would be a pair there, especially since they fit so well and are perfectly faded and distressed.

T-shirt-gap (thrifted)Check Spelling
Mesh vest- vintage espirit (thrifted)
Vintage Levis-(thrifted)
Necklace-local SF designer (pandoras trunk)
Blowfish shoes-dsw
Random Bracelets-thrifted in many locations

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Marc Jacobs spring 08

I love this collection,  it reminds me of a 50's housewife and the shorts/vest is so reminiscent of  anne hall.  I want!!

Agyness Deyn, inspiration

Monday, May 5, 2008

More hippy inspiration

I spent my teens and early twenties wrapped up in hippy culture and I have such a love for the clothing and styles it incorporates.  It has such vast influences and I love the rock vibe as well as the ethnic pieces.  I get so excited when the hippy look comes back into mainstream fashion because, it not only lets me stock up on my favorite things, I also get to wear some of the great pieces that I already have in my wardrobe.  Photos courtesy of En Vouge

set and inspiration

I have been really into these colors lately, dark turquoise and orange.  Its so fun to make sets, it's sort of like shopping and getting dressed without all the money or effort. 

Thursday, May 1, 2008 favorite things

I have been so busy, with my etsy shop that I haven't even been posting outfits or anything.  So here is the first of my favorite things posts.  I started at the top so hats are first.  I have included some other pics of part of my hat wall so you can see some others I have as well.  I have a thing for vintage hats, it all started when mu grandma gave me her old ones when I was young.   The 2 all feathered hats were hers. The others are all thrifted besides the 2 brown ones which were bought new.