Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Check out my designs for sale on etsy

I finally put some stuff  for sale on etsy, for now its just jewelry but there is much more to come.  I will be putting some clothing designs, buslte belts, and vintage clothing.
check it out at

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fashion, Hair

This is a lovely client of mine, Kate.  She showed up to the salon today looking super cute after braving the craziness that is 5th street.    I loved her colorful ensemble, the colors and tones blend seamlessly together to create a very young and flirty look.   I also did her color (highlights), haircut and styling.  Thanks Kate for modeling for me and also being so sweet!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

friend fashion, organization

Emily and I went thrift store shopping and found amazing things as I always do here in SF.  Here she is wearing some of the finds. 
 Also, notice the book shelf, I helped her organize by size.  A good tip I have for doing bookshelf is to take all the covers off of the hard bound books, It looks more like a library and you can either save them in a shoe box of get rid of them.  I put the cutest books at eye level and then incorporate  cute little things that you have around the house into the shelfs, to personalize it.

You can also see the cute red hat boxes I found on the street and am in love with.  I have tons of vintage hats so they are perfect!

Click on photos to enlarge for detail

street fashion

Monday, February 18, 2008

Street Fashion

creative makeup

I have been wanting to experiment with some makeup techniques.  Sunday night i had a friend over and she has gorgeous eyes, so I added some color then shot her.  This was the result.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mary Thomas, amazing artist.

This painting is titled "one day....... i will grow wings".  This woman is talented.  I mean really talented. This is water color, Which is really hard.  Not only is she extremely talented she is a great friend and super fun and smart.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A rad blog from seattle

I found this blog today under a friends picture on myspace.  I'm not sure who runs it at this point, but I happened to check out the seattle street style and saw a bunch of people I know in Seattle.  Pretty cool.  I will post a update when I know who is behind it.


Look for 

*Adria, she is super fashionable, and holds clothing sales periodically in Seattle (she's with her man craig in some of the shots)

*Willow (one of my best  lady friends) dressed as a man and still looking like a hot lady (she's with eli)

*Seth, looking great, I worked with him at a pizza restaurant years ago

Yaaaay a blog finally

I am so excited to start this blog.  I  have had the idea for a while and am now, finally, getting the ball rolling. 

 I'm going to be discussing and adding as much as possible, fashion pics of people on the street as well as my friends and I's personal style, clothing I have designed, and jewelry and other accessories.  I will be adding links to trends and other stuff I think is amazing!

I am also a hair designer at G-Squared here in San Francisco, so  periodically there will be pictures of hair cuts and or color that I have created.  And last but not least, photos of other crafty things I have created as well.  I hope you enjoy the pictures. 

The very first picture is, of corse, me wearing my invention called a bustle belt. Here you can only see the back, the front is a typical belt with a large buckle