Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gearing up for spring, fantastic finds of the day

Today is a perfectly stormy spring day.  I decided to go to the local charity shop and see what they had to offer.  This particular place is one of my favorites in the area, a place I have found many treasures and today was no exception.  The best thing about Community Thrift is that they donate to many different charities, when you donate your goods you can choose from a list of hundreds of great causes.   Being that it's raining today made for a great thrifting experience.  There were not many people out and the selection was spectacular.   

 My search for the perfect cream crochet dress is finally over.  I have been looking for months, all over the place, from online to vintage stores.  The ones I have found were always too long and too expensive.  This one is short, fits perfectly and has gold threads mixed in. The best thing is, besides needing a few simple repairs, it's in great condition. The thrifting gods were most definitely aligned today, just another reason to believe that the world is on my side.  Have I mentioned I am reading "Pronoia the Antidote for Paranoia"  By Rob Brezsny, a great positive book, I highly recommend it. 

I've also been on the hunt for some more summer dresses as the one I have been wearing constantly,  needs some company.  Today, I also found this long vintage dress from the 60's, it has a great fit in the waist and the colors and print are very pretty.  I also really adore the little pocket details and the exposed zipper down the front, metal of corse (a sign of the age of the garment).  The problem was the length and the sleeves.  As soon as I got home I grabbed the scissors and got to work.  I took a seam ripper to the sleeves,  cut a about a foot off the length and took in the sides in at my bust. The finished project is perfect,  I can't wait until this weather clears up to wear it.  It might just be my Easter dress, weather permitting!

Finally a crochet dress!

Before the alterations


DIY bunny ears

I was invited to a rooftop party on Sunday with the theme of  "Zombie Bunny Brunch".  I wanted to make some bunny ears to wear that were unique and fun.  I have made feathered bunny ears in the past with pink and white feathers but this time I wanted it to be a little more organic and pretty.  All the feathers are from the pheasants that my dad sent me.  He is a hunter so I have a great resource for feathers.  I love that I am helping to use all the parts to the bird.  I grew up eating mostly hunted meat and feel that it was a healthy, economic and tasty way for my dad to feed the family.   I started this process by cutting out two cardboard ears, then covered them with a stretchy fabric.  Next I covered the front with feathers then began to add the layers.  I added the leftover fluffy parts that I cut off from the bottom of the feathers to cover the back (I used the tops of the feathers where that are much prettier for the front).  This project took about a hour and a half.   I am so excited to wear these and have the most unique bunny ears there. find a zombie outfit to match!  

After the party we are heading to Dolores park for the crazy easter, mad tea party they have every year, sponsored by the sisters of perpetual indulgence.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nooks, Crannies And My New Obsession!

I've been reading a lot of online decorating blogs lately which has made me really think about "my" style of decorating.  I have a very eclectic aesthetic, I like tribal, antique, folk, gypsy and boudoir.  I'm pretty all over the place but somehow I make it work.

Since living in San Francisco, I have purchased so many gorgeous art pieces from thrift stores.  I have managed to decorate my entire apartment with thrifted art that matches my taste and goes together.  It's really wild actually.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and if this collection is any indication, the universe wants me to be happy.  I have recently decided that I wanted to have a "animal" to collect.  You know how lots of people really love owls or frogs or which ever animal speaks to them.  I decided my animal of choice would be peacocks, I have always loved them.  The bright colors, the crazy huge feathers, it just seemed perfect for me to collect something so bold and eclectic.  A few months ago while on a wine tasting excursion to Napa I found a beautiful old metal peacock music box at a yard sale.  I'm pretty sure that sparked my interest, or at least reaffirmed it.  Since then I have noticed a few other peacock things around the house, unknowingly having picked them out.  I guess it's meant to be.

Yesterday I went to the local thrift to try to find more wooden hangers and managed to find some satin ones too, I came home with about 12 more and 2 amazing framed Vogue cover prints, one of which has a peacock.  Another sign that the universe gives you what you want!  This post is going to be very photo heavy but I wanted to show my collection of things I have managed to collect in San Francisco thrift stores by not spending much money!  Here goes........

Edit:  I looked up the meaning of Peacock in terms of symbolism!

Peacock: Fully aware of his own beauty, peacock signifies a new opportunity for spiritual growth and healing. Peacock's gifts bring confidence, stature and accomplishment to the dreamer. Peacock's feathers are ringed with eyes that contain the medicine of foresight and clairvoyance. On the surface, peacock spirit is boastful energy. The lesson is to watch our pride and beware of the ego. Thus, Peacock medicine is our ability to be noble, yet humble.

The new Vogue prints, I paid 8$ each for.

Vanity Fair cover 

Mucha, one of my Favorite artists

Another Vouge cover

Another Mucha, with some of my tin collection which is mostly thrifted, some are from Etsy. 

More tins and  new thrifted mirror, notice the peacock on the taller red tin.

The peacock music box that sparked my collection, I paid 1$ for it.

Thrifted horse picture, and the start of my collection of Hex Signs (both thrifted) these two symbolize peace.

Thrifted Moroccan lamp and wooden box, I painted the lamp shade and plant holder

My mom sent my this peacock wall hanging recently before I even told her I was collecting peacocks.

Thrifted silver tray and vintage mirror and brushes from etsy. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Warrior Princess

This is just a "for fun" post.  I had forgotten about this photo taken a couple months back when we had a little party at our house.  I tend to dress up when I've had a couple drinks.  This is the headdress that I made for my halloween costume.  I  had forgotten about this website (blingee) where you can do all kinds of fun things to your photos.   It's fun to play around with, I discovered some new tricks today.   So have fun looking at this crazy photo!  I'm such a dork!

warrior princess
Myspace Glitter Graphics

This dress again

I am beginning to think that I will wear this dress (and apparently these shoes too) everyday this summer.  It's pretty much perfect.  I've been searching for more of these project dresses that I can chop up and make perfect like I did with this one.  It started out much longer and very frumpy then I turned it into FRUMP CHIC!,  at least I like to think so!  It reminds me sort of of something by Marc Jacobs.  I love the weird prints, patterns and ruffles. 

 Before noon today, we had driven all over the city.  Had breakfast in the marina (which we usually avoid) then a walk on Baker beach followed by a drive down Haight and Castro and to Dolores park where I had a picnic with some lady friends.  What a lovely day!  There were so many cute dogs out today, after being aggressively barked out this morning by a mean one (tied to a poll), it was nice to meet so many sweet/normal dogs. 

I am wearing

Feather Earrings-self made (Pretty Pirate Designs)
Dress-Thrifted and altered
Great cardigan-Nordstrom (gift from mom, thanks mom I wear it all the time!)
Cream sweater-Jcrew super soft wool, thrifted (lucky find for 5$)
Belt-Grandpa's old belt
80's leather sandals-thrifted in my home town (it's spring so I can finally wear them, they're perfect)
Nail polish-OPI My private jet

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Sunday Ritual

I really have no idea how I'd never heard of the once weekly flea market in San Francisco (The Alemany Flea Market).  I mean really, I feel so out of the loop.  My friend told me about this place about a week ago and we decided to get up early and go check it out.  I thought it was great, it was more like thrift store prices than the Alemeda market which is once a month in Oakland.   I found the latter to be a bit overpriced, but this is also coming from me being a avid thrift and bargain shopper.  The market had a bit of everything, from imports to antiques, clothing and lots of orchids and plants.   There were a few booths of vintage clothing that had some great things.  I found a beautiful kimono that I almost purchased, but considering I already have two, I passed.  I did buy some more vintage wooden hangers, the small ones that are really cute, for a great deal.  I'm starting a collection.   I also found the cutest Art Nuevo brass pin with a depiction of a women who looks like a cross between a pirate and a victorian dame. 

Some pretty vintage slips and lace. 

These paper dolls were just too cute.

The vintage doctor bag that still contained all the implements and a death certificate signed by the original doctor from the 60's.  My friend purchased it, minus the implements for 25$, a great deal.  She managed to keep the death certificate as the man was going to throw it away. 

There were all kinds of powders and tinctures, it was really neat. 

My first purchase!  Isn't she pretty and a bargain at 2$.

I already had about 1/3 of whats pictured and was excited to have found a bunch more today!  I'm looking forward to having all pretty hangers eventually.

I thought this was a interesting mix of weirdness!  

Monday, March 15, 2010

Adventures In Nature

This weekend was so beautiful in San francisco.  I was so lucky to get to go back to my favorite spot in San francisco, Stow Lake.  It is a magical place that sits next to Strawberry Hill.  I also watched the sunset at Ocean Beach, it was a lovely day. 

Stow lake

Ocean Beach at sunset

It was really windy at the beach. 

The light was so pretty, I wish I had been wearing something more fun.  I was in my cozy weekend clothes.

Wool J crew sweater-Thrifted
Elie Tahari Jeans-Thrifted
Undershirt-From clothing swap

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What I want to wear for spring!

I made a fun little set to enter a contest Via Gala Darling for modcloth.  For spring, I am really feeling girly, frilly with a bit of rugged toughness and natural elements.

Sorry my posts are lagging, I have been going through some personal things and have some stuff to take care of.

In better news, I also have something really amazing to look forward to this weekend.  A amazing photographer, Alex Farnum who lives on my block is doing a 2 day shoot for a new batch of portraits and I am blessed to be one of the models.  He is a extremely well published and just won a photography award.  Please check out his work, it's stunning!  Did I mention how excited I am.  I did some modeling when I was younger and have always loved being photographed, even though I do it myself now which is hard.  Wish me luck with having a good hair/makeup/body day!

Spring with Modcloth hat

Spring with Modcloth hat by prettypiratedesigns featuring TopShop