Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crafting helper!

I dumped out a bag of fake flowers as I was working on my costume for halloween, and I told David, as Sam was walking towards me that I bet he will lay down right in the middle. Boy, do I know my guy. I immediately grabbed the camera and got some great shots. I might try to submit one to "stuff on my cat". 

I just wish I could manage to take pictures of this quality of myself, soon I will get a tripod and everything will be so much better.

Which one do you think is the best???

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Successful thrifting today

I went to a couple of my local thrift stores today and found just what I was looking for.  I must wear black/grey/white to work and I get bored easially, luckily black is huge now so it has been easy to find interesting black pieces around. 

 Today I got these amazing (studded with zippers on both sides) 80's vintage ankle boots, I was so thrilled that they fit me, when I first found them I had major doubts and was going to get them anyway to put in my Etsy store.   I was so blessed that they fit me.  I put some comfy insoles in  and now they are good to go. 

The rest of the outfit is also thrifted today except for the HnM lace leggings.  I only spent 11$ on this whole outfit minus the leggings. I had to alter the skirt a bit because it was too small, I just cut the top off and remade the waistband. The shirt is really interesting with a built in top layer that drapes down and goes around the waistband as well. 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

From Messy to Dressy

I decided it was time to organize my pletera of shoes.  I convinced my boyfriend to let me line up some of my boots in our extra bedroom.  I have a super small closet, so they were overflowing and I could'nt choose the right shoe because I could'nt see them or find the matching pair.  It was BAD.    Luckily I have 2 hanging bars in my closet so I can organize my clothing properly with all my vintage dresses and my designs in the back as well as things I don't wear as often.

Below are the before and after pictures.  I have to stack them up on each other becuase I have so many, but at least I know where they all are now.  I should have counted how many pairs I have. Maybe I could have a limit on how many pairs I'm allowed at one time.  Then when I buy a new pair I would have to get rid of one.  Currently I have about 15 pairs that I am getting rid of for various reasons.  I can't decide if I should just make a trip to buffalo exchange or try to sell them online.  It seems easier to just hop on down to the buffalo exchange for instant gradification.  

Before, messy!

Overflowing out of the closet

I snuck in a pic of my belts, they are finally organized

All the nice vintage ones are in the front!
Heels go on the top
Most of my black boots, some are in the back of the closet (the ones that aren't worn as often)
Other colors and shorter boots.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nice to meet you

Hey there people!  I know who some of my readers are , friends, family and other bloggers.  I just want to extend a invitation for you to inroduce yourselfs.  I would love to meet more of my readers and get feedback from people.  I want to do some more interesting posts that are not strickly just me in outfits, how boring! 

I was really into the posts I was doing showcasing some of my colections and favorite things such as hats, jewely, shirts.....ect.  I think the next one will be shoes, I love shoes!  I also want to do more DIY posts and maybe some tutorials and video blogs. 

My mom told me once that when I was really young the first thing I would do when she brought me to anyones house was go straight to thier closet and try on the shoes, how funny.  And of corse when you are young they all kinda fit because they are all too big and you can fit into any and all shoes.   I also used to wear around my grandmothers 40's and 50's heels when I was really young.  She had super small feet, a size 5.  I remember the man who lived next door called to tell my mom I was wearing heels around the hood, like he was trying to get me in trouble.  My mom said "ya, so what"  I was a girl, what does he think.  

Anyway to make a long shoe story short, let me know if you any ideas or would like to see something special.

Thanks for being a reader of my little blog, I started doing this thing  on valentines day and I have been really enjoying it, so thanks fo reading. 

Shredded Tee, links and DIY

Above is Camile in her shredded tee, and below the beginnings of mine, which I will likely have to wear something under, yes that is my white bra showing.   Im starting another one now in a cool army green color. 

Camile did a great tutorial on a Diy shredded tee.  I love these and was not about to fork out 490$+  for a original by Raquel Allegra.

I started mine a couple days ago and it goes fairly fast once you get the unweaving down, its like reverse knitting.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday outfit, It was finally cold

Bleached shirt-diy originally from F21
Grey undershirt-F21
Boots-Charles David
Nail polish-OPI (Ink)

Some recent inspirations

Via facehunter

thelifeaesthetic from wardrobe remix

Piksi from wardrobe remix, I'm so in love with her and her bag

Facehunter, I love the idea of overalls, but they are usually too structured and not soft and drapey enough, these seem to solve that problem while still being slouchy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lacie again

I am a huge fan of cream colored lace.  I have had this skirt for years and just cut the lining out today, I shortened it about a year ago and the lining just wasn't right.  Now I'm in love again.  The shirt is a new find from Goodwill, its brand new dead stock Jessica for Gunne sack, it had it's original tag on it priced at 24$ in the 70's.  I am also wearing a vintage black lace slip.  The belt is Bestsy Johnson and the shoes are Jessica Simpson and oh so comfy. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Costume

I completed most of my Halloween costume today.  The only thing I purchased was the skirt at goodwill for 7$, everything else I had in my stash, including the hat making supplies.  The skirt was a long vintage skirt that I sewed up to make it poofy.  The white shirt was a mens button up that I made into a off the shoulder top, I am going to tea dye it as well.  I am also wearing one of my Bustle Belts, which is my invention.  To watch a tutorial of how to make most of the things I am wearing see the previous post.  Don't forget you can click on the photos to see more details.  When I dress up on Halloween I will be wearing cool tights as well as make up, this is just a couple quick shots.  

Shirt-Diy from mens button up
Skirt-Diy from vintage long skirt
Vintage crinoline
Bustle belt-Pretty Pirate Designs (my design)
Vintage hand dyed by me green slip
Miss Mooz boots
Hat-Diy from scratch

New handmade hat

I started making my Halloween costume today.  I have been wanting a cool mini top hat/ fascinator for a long while, but not wanting to pay 100$ plus for a gorgeous topsy turvy one.  I found a really crappy cheap one at the costume store for 15$ but it was super cheesy and tacky.  So I took it upon my self to make one, I used things I already have in my craft stash and didn't purchase anything.  I started with cardboard (shoe box and a garment gift box) then used fabric ( a nice soft brocade), feathers (peacock), trim (black with sparkle thread in it), flowers (little blue ones) and some green vintage glass rhinestones.  I was inspired by a great steampunk tutorial on threadbanger and I used it for the base of the hat as well as the shirt and skirt in the next post.  Have I mentioned I love love love threadbanger.  

Saturday, October 4, 2008

New stuff for fall

I thought it was going to be cold today, but it ended up being warm.  The weather woman said it was going to rain and it did but it was early in the morning.  This is what I wore to work and I was over heated all day.  I have been waiting to wear my leggings more as well as these new boots and shirt.  The leggings are American Apparel. The boots are Charles David via Ebay. This lacy shirt is vintage I believe it was a dress before someone cut it into a tunic length shirt.  I am also wearing a under tee from F21 and a large ring from multiculti on Valencia.  Remember you can click on photos for more detail as a lot of it is lost being that it's all black.   

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New dress

I did another trip to buffalo exchange yesterday.  I traded in some costumey things and some things that didn't fit properly.  In exchange I got 2 dresses, including this vintage beauty as well as 2 awesome tunic style shirts to wear with all my new latex looking leggings.  Unfortunately its not cold enough for the leggings yet and I'm going insane having to wait.   The vest is thrifted originally from the limited, and the shoes are blowfish.  Sorry about the bad quality of pics once again, soon we are getting a tripod, which will help so much!