Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nice to meet you

Hey there people!  I know who some of my readers are , friends, family and other bloggers.  I just want to extend a invitation for you to inroduce yourselfs.  I would love to meet more of my readers and get feedback from people.  I want to do some more interesting posts that are not strickly just me in outfits, how boring! 

I was really into the posts I was doing showcasing some of my colections and favorite things such as hats, jewely, shirts.....ect.  I think the next one will be shoes, I love shoes!  I also want to do more DIY posts and maybe some tutorials and video blogs. 

My mom told me once that when I was really young the first thing I would do when she brought me to anyones house was go straight to thier closet and try on the shoes, how funny.  And of corse when you are young they all kinda fit because they are all too big and you can fit into any and all shoes.   I also used to wear around my grandmothers 40's and 50's heels when I was really young.  She had super small feet, a size 5.  I remember the man who lived next door called to tell my mom I was wearing heels around the hood, like he was trying to get me in trouble.  My mom said "ya, so what"  I was a girl, what does he think.  

Anyway to make a long shoe story short, let me know if you any ideas or would like to see something special.

Thanks for being a reader of my little blog, I started doing this thing  on valentines day and I have been really enjoying it, so thanks fo reading. 

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