Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mind altering!

I finally tackled my pile of sewing alterations. I hadn't felt like sewing much lately. It's funny, once I start, I can't stop. These dresses are all so much better at a shorter length. It seems I would rather have my 60's and 70's dresses shorter than they come. The dresses I have from the 50's don't bother me in a longer length, but these all needed to be lopped off. My favorite alteration is the 80's dress. It was way to warm to wear here in California (it's a really thick jersey almost like a wool). I chopped a lot off the bottom and cut the sleeves off, it's super cute now. Being that it is black I can wear it to work too!

New stuff in the store!!

Etsy update!! Check out my store!

70's wide leg flared jeans with braided back pockets
70's flared jeans with rhinestones
Awesome 80's leather fringe jacket
Gold leather ankle boots with fringe
Victorian inspired ribbon lace heels

Sunday, March 29, 2009

70's Inspired!

I was feeling really seventies inspired the other day. With all the eighties garb that has been popular for a few years now, I have missed the 70's. This era was one of my favorites in fashion history. Maybe it's because I'm old enough to be born in that era....gasp. I'm getting old, just wait and see how time flies all your youngins.
I am wearing
Shirt-F21 (thrifted with tags still on)
Coat-Etsy trade
Belt-vintage thrifted
Jeans-Elli Tahari (thrifted)
Shoes-Hand carved wooden heel from Bali (outdoor market in Seattle)
Purse-Vintage doctor bag (ebay)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Peaceful historic land (Photo Heavy)

My favorite thing to photograph is nature. I love the colors, textures and the natural organic shapes. My bf and I took his parents to Muir woods this week. It is truly amazing to be surrounded by 1000 (+) year old tress, they are quite magnificent. I love the smells, sounds and feeling that I get when I am surrounded by nature. It makes every thing in life seem so trivial.

I am wearing
Vintage foreign language tee shirt (sw
Vintage wool cardigan from the 60's
Skirt-from Ross (hand bleached/tye died)
Back pack-Ross years ago (late 90's)
Shoes-Minitonka leather bottom moccasins

I was wishing it was more secluded and warm so I could jump in
A stern man with a large nose
Fungus Among us
That was a small tree
Dew drops

Shine your light on me

A cute little stream
a small sunny clearing
Spring has sprung
This guy wanted our snacks, his blue was so gorgeous

Monday, March 23, 2009

Etsy wish list!

What I want now!

I tried on some similar pants to the ones below (worn by the glamourai) at the thrift store the other day and didn't get them. Now I am thinking about them all the time. The problem with that is when it's something from the thrift, it's most likely gone now. They were perfect too, black with small white polka dots and a great fit, they even had a matching halter top. I am kicking myself for leaving them behind.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Out and about in SF (Haight street)

My boyfriends parents are in town and staying with us for a couple weeks. While my Sweetie was at work, we took a little trip up to Haight to do some shopping and sight seeing. I needed some things ( 2 colored tights and high waisted leggings) from American Apparel. While shopping at AA I saw a familar face. It took me a few minutes to figure out that Marjorie Conrad from America's next top model cycle 11 was there, working. She answered some questions for me and helped me into a dressing room. It was exciting for me to see her in person, being that I am a long time fan of the show. Continuing on our way I took a few pictures that capture the colorful neighborhood.

Me from the waist down
Dress-really vintage
Socks-Moksha in Seattle
Mototrcycle boots-Leeds in Seattle few years ago
Sidewalk art
Murals in lower haight
Waistland clothing
close up of waistland window (little glare sorry)
Tropical flowers
Beautiful old shoes at the Haight street cobbler

My boyfriends cute parents

Outfit for a art show

My friend Vinchenso, who is a native Italian, had a art show at his industrial living space. The show featured art that was all created by his father in Italy. We had a great time and got to see the beautiful pieces offered for sale.

I am wearing

Dress-thrifted (with tags still) go original by target
Gold necklace-f21
Purple necklace-belt from a old dress I had
Lace leggings-HnM
Boots-Vintage from red light in Seattle
Bracelets-all thrifted over a long period

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Buy handmade! Angel Eyes Designs!

A friend of mine from Seattle who has been making ties and other things for a long time just ventured into swim suit making. Here are some new pictures of her designs. They aren't available just yet but they will be up on Angels website soon! How cute is my friend Kamala (the girl in all the photos) modeling the suits.


Lets have a good laugh for fashions sake shall we. I'm loving the new site lolbook.nu A funny take on the lookbook.nu site which features stylish people, sometimes in funny poses. Fashion is fun, lets not be so serious! While your at it check out my favorite site ever cuteoverload.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Perfect dress!

I'm in love with this dress, I want to try to make something similar it a not-so crazy print. I'm thinking grey or white jersey. Photo via FaceHunter

Friday, March 13, 2009

Little knots tied together

While I was on the train today an older woman stepped up next to me and told me "her mother had a table cloth just like that". She was referring to my skirt. I agreed that I had indeed made my skirt out of a old table cloth. She proceeded to tell me that this particular type of tablecloth lace was all hand tied with small little knots. I then looked much closer at the lace and could really tell that it was all done with little knots. The interesting part is, when I cut this cloth up and hemmed it in a few spots it didn't unravel much. I now know why. I have much more respect for my old tablecloth skirt after my little history lesson today.

I'm wearing
Vintage flats with large bows
HnM lace leggings
Grey tunic dress-thrifted
Diy table cloth skirt

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Im obsessed, military edition.

Lucky for me I have always had a thing for milatary inspired looks. It all started with my ww2 green army pants in high school, I loved those things so much, they eventually became a skirt hemmed with safety pins. Damn, I should have never gotten rid of that piece. It didn't make the cut when I moved to SF from Seattle. Ever since those amazing pants that started it all I have gotten many military issued coats, a cropped one ( I used for DIY), a longer one, a parka, the great brown one and the wool cape. I love them all so much yet I seem to not wear any of them very much. I have been wearing the cape more lately. There is a problem and it is this... I have too many coats and I have a really hard time getting rid of any of them. I did a huge purge when I moved here but the coat collection has built its way back up. Maybe I need to be a coat/shoes dealer. That would help immensely.

I love this is Balmain jacket, photo from the Sartorialist
Parka, longer in back, so cute!
Super warm cape, almost too warm for Sf. It was perfect this winter in Portland.
Simple and slim
This one is seriously old, I had to replace some of the buttons, which is why they all don't match. Anyone know what/where this is from?

I cut this one up as a DIY, I made a tail with a bustle in back.

This pakistani vest is not really military but I love the rope work and mirrors, it reminds me of the first photo from Balmain. It's new and I can't wait to wear it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time for a inspiration post!

I'm so terrible, some of these images original origin excape me but I thought I would post anyway. Hey any press is better than none, right. I will leave a bit of info for the ones I remember. These are all the inspiration photos that were building up on my desktop, so here you go, enjoy!

Via Etsy, The collar is attached, Sorry I can't remember the designer, I'm sure it's saved on my etsy is you really want to know, ask.
?? Can't remember, some designer, love this as a DIY! see below for front

Same designer from Etsy (see above)
I love this capelet, another great DIY inspiration. Maybe start with a old skirt cut it then add all the ruffles?
Outfit inspiration, street fashion (can't remember from where)

Love this look, from lookbook nu?? DIY perhaps
I love suzie's pants here, I have made some similar in the past and want to make another longer pair.
I love the sweater as a DIY, man do i need to work