Thursday, March 26, 2009

Peaceful historic land (Photo Heavy)

My favorite thing to photograph is nature. I love the colors, textures and the natural organic shapes. My bf and I took his parents to Muir woods this week. It is truly amazing to be surrounded by 1000 (+) year old tress, they are quite magnificent. I love the smells, sounds and feeling that I get when I am surrounded by nature. It makes every thing in life seem so trivial.

I am wearing
Vintage foreign language tee shirt (sw
Vintage wool cardigan from the 60's
Skirt-from Ross (hand bleached/tye died)
Back pack-Ross years ago (late 90's)
Shoes-Minitonka leather bottom moccasins

I was wishing it was more secluded and warm so I could jump in
A stern man with a large nose
Fungus Among us
That was a small tree
Dew drops

Shine your light on me

A cute little stream
a small sunny clearing
Spring has sprung
This guy wanted our snacks, his blue was so gorgeous

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