Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beautiful, creative and fun!

My new header is courtesy of one of my favorite people who also happens to be an amazing artist!  Her name is Mary Thomas, she is a watercolor artist living in New Mexico.  Her and I used to be house mates in Seattle years ago.  I've always loved her paintings and feel lucky to have a few of my own to gaze at endlessly.  Recently I contacted her about using one of her images for my header, she happily obliged.  I wanted to use the painting she did of me a couple years ago but unfortunately it is long gone, sold.  She doesn't even have a photo of it, I guess I should have saved the picture from her website when I had the chance!

Monday, April 26, 2010


One of my favorite old movies is Vertigo, (hence the black and white photos for today).  Vertigo is a great, Hitchcock movie filmed in San Francisco.  Crissy field which can be seen in a scene in the movie is where I hung out with friends on Sunday.   For the movie, they built some stairs that were temporary and can be seen when the leading lady walks down to the water and then is saved by her leading man.  In the shot you can see the Golden Gate bridge in the background.   This was my first time hanging out here for more than a drive through.  Some of my friends and I had a BBQ to which I owe all the credit to my friend Sanjay who got to the park at 8:00 am to get the best spot he could find.  I showed up much later to find a sweet spot with lots of great people, food an beverages.  Luckily, I met some great new friends and had a blast hanging out in the sun.  Photos of me by Sanjay, except close up which is a self portrait.  All scenic photos by me.

I am wearing-

Hat-Bought at the Garlic festival in Gilroy when I was overheating (scarf is from a import store)
Necklace-Self made (Pretty Pirate Designs)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sidewalk Sale

Sunday was a gorgeous day for a sidewalk sale.  Some of my lady friends and I have been planning a sale for a few weeks.  We were so happy that the weather was finally warm, after all the rain I was beginning to forget what sunshine was.  Living across from a really popular park makes for a busy sale.  It was a perfect location to sell off some unwanted goods, Dolores park was packed.  We had such a fun day and I met some really nice people.  I love when people find the things that were meant for them. 

You can see me in the mirror

My friend Kristy trying to roller skate, it looks more like they are dancing!  Her boyfriend Conrad, is a great sport. 

The new owner of the roller skates came back later in the day wearing them, she was perfect for them. 

We had a cute puppy visitor.  I love the girls pants and sandals in this photo.  This dog was named BeeBot and had the prettiest eyes.

This lovely lady found this dress from India that my friend was selling.  The bird had found her a few hours earlier in a different neighborhood and wouldn't leave her shoulder.  She now is the happy owner of a new bird.  She has never had one before, it was such a sweet story. 

Me cheesing out, I had a huge crinoline on and it make my 60's dress super poofy!  

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Professional photos

A new friend of mine is a professional photographer.  Aubrie Pick  is so sweet and adorable, she looks just like Anna Paquin who I adore as well.   She found this great spot while walking her dog and asked me to be the model in which I happily obliged.  We shot the photos at dusk, the lighting was so amazing.  This shot is just the first of many that she has edited so there is way more to come.  This shot was actually one of the last shots, we had not planned on shooting in front of this door, it was a after thought.  The other shots were on stairs, balconies and the driveway at this old apartment building.  I had so much fun modeling, I wish I had someone to do my outfit photos all the time!   I styled the outfit, makeup and hair.  Sorry the picture is so small, thats how it came to me via Facebook.

I'm wearing

 Vintage Hat-Thrifted
Vintage Harley Davidson Tee-Thrifted
Vintage Leather Skirt-Thrifted
Vintage Leather Jacket-Yard Sale in Oregon
My Favorite Vintage Belt-Etsy
Tights-Slashed by me (old)
Vintage Goth boots-Thrifted Years ago in Seattle

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Fling

The rain has subsided long enough to finally wear my new spring dresses.  This is the one that I altered from a longer silhouette with crazy poofy sleeves.  These old blue tights I've had for years were a perfect addition to the outfit.  The carpet bag is a new find from last week in unbelievably great condition.  I had been wanting one but they are few and far between in thrift shops, especially ones in perfect vintage condition, yea!!

Outfit details-

Jean Jacket-thrifted/vintage and super soft
Necklace-Pretty Pirate Designs, DIY

I lightened up my hair in a few spots. In the fringe and a few streaks around the front.

Monday, April 5, 2010


After quite a long hiatus on the performance front, I had the pleasure of performing with a crazy awesome hip hop/lounge group this past weekend.  Kalri$$ian is composed of mc's and a d.j. who rap about serious business aka drugs, alcohol and the ladies.  Think.... Too Short in a 70's ear Boogie Nights atmosphere.   These guys are so much fun and really talented.  A few of them are also in a couple other groups,  Celsius 7 and  Psychokinetics.  I had a absolute blast hanging out with them and my other fellow dancing kitty. 

 Here is their bio.........

Smooth Rick Chosen is a mildly schizophrenic male prostitute with an in-pants sidekick named Perseus. Chachi Harlem is his Fandango-puppet-obsessed partner in crime. Tyrone Shoelaces is a hard-drinking former schoolboy pimp with severe women issues. Felix Livinglow is their smooth-talking, scatalogically-obsessed British friend.

Together, and joined by legendarily mustachioed production team Keylo Venezuela and "Uncle" Tony Highrise, these engagingly foul-mouthed misfits are KALRI$$IAN.

Their debut record "Tales from the Velvet Pocket" does with 50s and 60s lounge music what "Enter the Wu-Tang" did with kung-fu movies - setting a substance-fueled James Bond backdrop for the unadulteratedly sleazy tale of a money-losing male escort service, a botched casino robbery, and pervasive sexual depravation. Featuring guest appearances from Mickey Avalon and Dirt Nasty, it's the black comedy hip hop album of the year. 

I am wearing-
70's vintage dress-thrifted many years ago
Hand dyed camisole
Shoes-Marshals Franco Sarto
Vintage belt

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is the rack of clothing that needs to be added to my Etsy Store.  I am way behind, there are some amazing things to come, but for now just a preview.  When I get some time, many of these will be added.  A few of these are actually pieces I have made or altered to make more fun.  I haven't added any handmade things for a while so this is news!

I have to throw in a fun shot of the new bunny ears I made for easter.  I also picked up this great little floral blouse thrifting yesterday.