Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Fling

The rain has subsided long enough to finally wear my new spring dresses.  This is the one that I altered from a longer silhouette with crazy poofy sleeves.  These old blue tights I've had for years were a perfect addition to the outfit.  The carpet bag is a new find from last week in unbelievably great condition.  I had been wanting one but they are few and far between in thrift shops, especially ones in perfect vintage condition, yea!!

Outfit details-

Jean Jacket-thrifted/vintage and super soft
Necklace-Pretty Pirate Designs, DIY

I lightened up my hair in a few spots. In the fringe and a few streaks around the front.


Panty Buns said...

The floral trim on your dress is lovely. You managed to put together a well coordinated outfit using some tastefully chosen thrifted items like that pretty purse. Various coloured highlights in the hair are very much in today as evidenced in this month's issue of Vogue Mexico and other blogs. The highlights in your hair look nice.

Missa said...

The dress looks so cute on you, nice job! I love how you styled it with the boots and jean jacket too. Oh, and the bag is just gorgeous, congrats on that find!

Eyeliah said...

Great work on the dress, those sleeves definitely had to go!