Friday, November 28, 2008

Inspiring makeup creations

I just found out about a amazing make up artist and creator of her own make up line (lime crime makeup), via flyingsaucer.   I'm now completely obsessed with her beauty and talents. She has a great blogzine as well (doe deere blogzine). I'm sharing just a handful of the amazing eye candy, I suggest you go to her zine NOW because it is absolutely amazing!!!  There are tutorials teaching makeup creations and how to create the looks at home, so get to work pretties. 

Did you buy?

I didn't purchase a single thing today!  But I know a whole lot of people around the states did. It is, of corse "black Friday" one of the busiest shopping days of the year.   The holiday season represents to me, consumerism at it's worst. People go into debt each year then pay it off  just in time to do it all over again for the Holidays. 

Fashion is a sort of major consumerism as well.  I try to purchase most of my clothing via second hand stores such as charity shops or exchange type stores.  I do purchase new things from time to time and try to buy things that will last a long while.  For me it is easy to find trendy items in charity shops because most things that are "in" fashion have been "in",  in the past as well.  For me it is a fun challenge to hunt for interesting vintage and trendy items in charity and second hand shops.   It seems to make ones wardrobe a bit more interesting and not so much the same as everyone else's.  It is also more money conscious, and in these times there is a lot to be said about saving money.  Another important part of shopping at these types of stores is the recycling aspect, saving more pieces from being put into the world, thus saving energy of all types. 

So, did you buy anything today?

Thanks for Thanksgiving!

Our friends had us over for Thanksgiving, they have a amazing apartment overlooking the city. I shot lots of pictures, so beware this post is very picture heavy. Thanks to Brandy and Lee for the amazing dinner and fun times.

My sweetie playing wii bowling

my sweetie making his Zoolander face


My outfit
Silk printed dress-vintage
Blue 80's belt-vintage
Hand dyed slip-diy and vintage
Boots-miz mooz  (diy studs)

Above and below, art by Lee (below is a portrait drawn of the hosts by lee)
Lee the artist
Brandy the chef and fun gal all around
View from the apartment
Teetee the kitty
Buster the dog
Art by a friend of theirs named lars
Portrait of Kiera Knightly by Lee

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

Here are some Thanksgiving inspired images, browns and such.  The second photo is of a model by the name of Simona, she has a great blog that I read and is such sweet girl.  She kindly responded to a comment I made via email, I thought it was incredibly sweet.  

EDIT:  I just realized this is my 200th post!  WOW!   Thanks everyone for visiting this little blog and for all the great comments you leave, it makes me have faith in humanity, that people are so far apart but so close as well.  It's pretty amazing.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gotta love Ebay, sort of

I just won this vintage doctor bag on Ebay.  A rep came into my salon the other day and had one, I wanted it because it was absolutely gorgeous. 

A few days later I was thinking about it and I decided to look on Ebay to see what was out there.  I bid on the one below then realized there was no picture of the handles.  I then sent the seller a Email and asked her how the handles were.  She responded in a really rude way, and told me to read the description.  Being that I had read it AND had already bid, I was a bit annoyed and made it known in my message back to her that, in fact I had read the description and it said it was in excellent condition and not much more.  So I then find out that the bag doesn't have any handles and it is not in excellent condition.  The lady had put the wrong description up and was then rude to me for pointing it out.  Long story short,  sorry,  I got the bag for 12$ total including shipping.  Great deal, luckily I have a bunch of black leather and can make my own handles.  The only part I'm upset about it that my money is going to the crazy, unorganized, bitchy lady. 

Dec 5th update.....

I received the bag and it is amazing, after some careful fixing up (sewing the bottom seam and reinforcing some other areas) it is ready for use.  And it did come with a handle.  I think the woman had too many listings and was overwhelmed. 

Oldies but Goodies

A couple shots from the vault of a fashion show I did some hair for back in Seattle.  I just found them online.  I'm thinking I need to wear that dress again soon.

Monday, November 24, 2008

WOW, just WOW!

Day At the Beach

We had a great time with my Sweetie's mom in town.  We headed out of town to try to go to Muir woods, but the parking was impossible so we ended up at Muir beach instead.  It was sunny and fairly warm for a late November day.  Although I'm not super dressed up, I thought these pictures were sweet.  I was dressed for hiking and I had to braid my crazy hair 1/2 way through because my fringe was driving me nuts, hence the different looks.  More fashiony stuff later!!  xoxox

Friday, November 21, 2008

On top of the World

We went for an impromptu drive today and ended up on top of twin peaks.  This is the amazing view from the top of San Francisco.  Luckily I had my camera (albeit crappy)  with me.  I am hoping to get a new one soon.   I am wearing a vintage dress, thrifted Charles David lace up boots that were new, buffalo exchange grey jacket, Diy scaft out of a old dress, hand studded purse purchased last year at Marshals and studded recently, and grey tights from Marshalls as well. 

Don't forget you can click on pic's for way more detail.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Most photos from and one from the sartorialist.

I'm a crazy cat lady!!

I have updated my cat blog today, if anyone doesn't know yet I have a blog with pictures of my cat's.   It started when one of the cats was really ill, but now it's just cute pictures.  If you are a crazy cat lady, or person, check it out.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Making the Rounds, as it should!

This Ship Was Built To Last
“Stop comparing yourself to other girls, no matter how pretty, clever, cool or cashed-up they are.

No one will ever have your unique twist of talents, perspectives or beauty.

You do enough. You have enough. You are enough.

Stop comparing yourself to other girls, no matter how talented, well-dressed, popular or capable they are.

You improve the world more than you can possibly comprehend, just by being true to who you are every day.

Go outside & be fabulous. Watching who you are, & seeing what you’re becoming, makes us so proud to know you. The world delights in your presence. We all love you very much.”

from Gala Darling of iCiNG.

Christmas wish list!

Dear Santa, 

I would like either a New digital camera with a tripod so I can take good pictures for my blog, or a Serger sewing machine so I can make better clothing for my Etsy store. Other things of interest include a new (vintage) schwinn bike with a basket on the back, just like the one I had as a child or a really long cashmere pashmina scarf. Other than that, I just want to have a happy new year and health for my family, friends and myself.

The perfect basket for the back, just like I had as a child.

I heart Tank Girl

I came across the movie Tank Girl on Netflix recently and decided to give it a try. I guess I'm not up on my cult classics, but I instantly fell in love with this movie. First of all her clothing and hair are amazing. Second is the scenery, having gone to burning man in the past, it was like reliving that scene.  Then her voice (Lori Petty) is adorable and she is just so cute. Who could resist Naomi Watts as a super dork turned hottie.  I'm a little sad that I watched this movie after Halloween, because It definitely made me want to dress up as "tank girl".   Has anyone seen this?  If so what did you think?