Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gotta love Ebay, sort of

I just won this vintage doctor bag on Ebay.  A rep came into my salon the other day and had one, I wanted it because it was absolutely gorgeous. 

A few days later I was thinking about it and I decided to look on Ebay to see what was out there.  I bid on the one below then realized there was no picture of the handles.  I then sent the seller a Email and asked her how the handles were.  She responded in a really rude way, and told me to read the description.  Being that I had read it AND had already bid, I was a bit annoyed and made it known in my message back to her that, in fact I had read the description and it said it was in excellent condition and not much more.  So I then find out that the bag doesn't have any handles and it is not in excellent condition.  The lady had put the wrong description up and was then rude to me for pointing it out.  Long story short,  sorry,  I got the bag for 12$ total including shipping.  Great deal, luckily I have a bunch of black leather and can make my own handles.  The only part I'm upset about it that my money is going to the crazy, unorganized, bitchy lady. 

Dec 5th update.....

I received the bag and it is amazing, after some careful fixing up (sewing the bottom seam and reinforcing some other areas) it is ready for use.  And it did come with a handle.  I think the woman had too many listings and was overwhelmed. 

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cute bag