Monday, August 31, 2009

Pretty Pirate Vintage Update!

All of these lovely vintage treasures are in the store now!!
70's cape blouse, gorgeous!
80s metal and faux leather belt

40s inspired 80s dress, beautiful sheer fabric
with a cute butterfly belt
Handmade vintage lace skirt
Italian leather metallic suede skirt
50s or 60s metallic brocade blouse

Chanel inspired 80s blazer

Sunday, August 30, 2009


This is a outfit from a week ago, I've been really slacking on the outfit posts.  My mom was in town and we had a great time which left little time for bloggin.  This week things will be getting back to normal.  I will be adding lots of new things to the Pretty Pirate store in the next couple days, keep and eye out!

Im wearing-
Beads-Vintage 6 stand necklace, so fun to play around with!
Green cardigan-Anthropology
Skirt-Thrifted (originally from Urban outfitters LUX)
Shoes-Thrifted (DKNY)
Amber ring-Thrifted/Vintage



Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pescadero daycation with mom

My mom was in town last weekend so we went to a cute lilttle town which included a really neat goat cheese dairy and lots of old buildings.  We had a nice time on our little adventure.  I wore my new Vintage kimono again because I can't get enough of it.

I'm also wearing
Black tank-Marshals
Black vintage beaded necklace-worn as harness
Vintage levis
Lipstick-gift from mom, love it!  Thanks mom!
How cute is my mom's outfit with her converse!

These goats were so friendly ans cute!
The kitty welcoming crew outside the cheese shop.

The rock of seals. 

Friday, August 21, 2009

Beautiful DIY

Want to make these tights? Check out this tutorial for info......

Tights by cocorosa

Vintage Kimono

I found this Kimono the other day, it's so beautiful, the liner is a lovely bright print too. I might try to wear it inside out. I can tell it's well made and really old. This is the second one I have found at the same thrift store. SCORE!!! I really liked this outfit today, I felt like it was really "me". Many people stopped me on the street to tell me I looked pretty or was beautiful. It's always nice to hear even if it's from street folk. I made a beaded harness/vest from a old (60s) 6 strand necklace I got at a garage sale a few years back (at the city wide garage sale), it's the prefect length to play around with.

A few weeks from now I get to go back to the town (Jacksonville, OR) that my family lives in for their annual city wide garage sale, I'm so excited to stock up for the store and myself. I'm hoping to find some vintage that is older that the 70's. This city makes it hard to find and if I do it's expensive even at the charity shops. WIsh me luck and remember my readers always get 10% off in my store, just mention the blog in the notes to seller!!

Vintage kimono-thrifted
Beaded Harness-made from vintage necklace
Boots-blowfish, ebay

Vintage Kimono

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I <3 I heart norwegian wood.

I heart Norwegian wood has been rocking the most amazing creations. I have been waiting to buy some of her leggings on etsy for a long time now. Today was my lucky day. I had a good week on Etsy so I decided to treat myself by purchasing these lovely vintage fabric leggings. I am such a sucker for vintage fabric and usually use it myself when I make things as well. I am hoping that these leggings will inspire me to try to make a pair myself. I have some stretchy fabric that is velvety, colorful and psychedelic, perfect for some leggings. Thanks to Angie for the lovely creations.

Monday, August 17, 2009

People who know people who I know

As promised, pictures from last weekend, better late than never. Click to make them big, big, bigger.

I met this super sweet couple, she is a designer and created this dress. The red painted on designs are made with puff paint (not ironed therefore not puffy, just shinny) genius I say. She has a little booth downtown by F21 on Powell. I saw a tee shirt at Barney's this weekend that looked a lot like the design on her dress, her dress is much better though. Her sweet BF works at Marc Jacobs and told me to come in sometime and play dress up.
My camera was on some weird setting but I really like how these two photos came out. The party we were at had a net up and people were playing games.

At the Roxy, during the movie, hangout out in the lobby eating lots of popcorn. You wouldn't believe what goes on while you are watching movies.

My friends are headless.
I asked a guy to pour me some of his Champagne and he gave me a mix of these two, it was undrinkable. I pawned it off on another guy and got the proper plain version.
Have I mentioned I that I own 5 pieces of "kitty clothing" I think this should be the 6th.
During the movie, again.
Which version of M.J is for you?
I thought This old telephone poll was beautiful. I want to print some of the photos to hang up in the house. I took lots of them.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New items at Pretty Pirate Designs

I posted some new stuff in my Etsy store today. Check it out!! Lots more photos in the store.

Oversized 80s sweatshirt, super long, slim and soft, with painted on fringe!

70s leather woven belt, perfectly distressed and worn
Quirky 60s republican "vote" belt
Black leather belt with large metal studs
Pendleton inspired 80s sweater (better than the topshop colab!!)
60's mod bikini

Monday, August 10, 2009

Up on the rooftop

My lady friend lives on the top floor of tall building on a very popular street corner. I love hanging out and watching out her window, this time there was a awesome band playing across from her house on the opposite corner. They were called The Ferocious Few. I took a couple videos of them playing. They were surprisingly great. We had lots of fun Saturday night. I'll post some more photos of the after dark escapades soon.

I'm wearing
Vintage handmade 50s dress- Clothing by the pound (the details are gorgeous)
Necklace-thrifted (native american)

up on the roof

Meow, this tini little kitty was so cute compared to my huge monster cats.
kitty on the roof

up on the roof

Here is the video I took of The ferocious few!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Diy Fringe purse!!

I love to make purses, they are simple and you can wear them A LOT. This is actually my 3rd leather fringe purse, you can see the first one here. I have 2 black ones. Today as I was reorganizing all my craft bins I came across all my leather scraps. I decided right then and there it was time to make the brown one. I've been looking for a darker brown leather purse but have yet to find a good one. So, what's a gal to do but make her own. I started with a brown leather skirt that I had thrifted for a few months ago. Old leather skirts, pants and vests are great to reuse for leather projects. Then I decided the shape I wanted it to take. I like my purses really big so I made it as big as possible while maintaining a nice shape. I made some fringe and added it to one of the seams (inside). Next I added a zipper and then used the waistband of the skirt for the handle. Pretty simple design, all you need is some scraps, a leather needle for your machine and some creativity. I might add some gold circle studs like the other one but I couldn't decide where I wanted them so I will wait until that comes to me.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Quote from Ashley Olson

DIY with designer pieces, yeah whatev

"The amount of beautiful things we've ruined - not having the patience for a tailor and cutting everything ourselves…My sister once took an Alaia dress of mine and just cut the whole thing, and then was like, 'I cut it too short.' Mary-Kate and I don't think about fashion as these clean, beautiful objects. We just kind of wear it and live in it."

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Great deal of the day!

I just got a similar black version of this DKNY shoe (it has a black wedge instead of the wicker) for 7.99 at my local thrift store today. Being that they are charging 146.00$ online for the brown version, I saved over 130$! I'll take some DKNY for 8$ any day! I know that Cheap Jap would be so proud! I also scored a really awesome 70s, brown, leather, skinny belt with amazing little brass studs and a super sheer, soft, tan, safari like tunic made by DA-NANG that has a super deep v neck which is great for by huge chest. I can wear it with a cute tank or camisole underneath. Now to the scary part. Yea, it wasn't all great deals today, read on......

Todays trip was filled with some terror as I got followed around the store for about 20 minutes by a creepy jerk. Yes, he followed me from the purse section to the women's shoes, up and down the isles too. It was one of the scariest things I have ever experienced. I was even scared to leave the store after I watched him leave. I think he figured out I knew and then walked right out of the store. I waited another 1/2 hour before walking out, myself. I have never felt so terrified that something really bad was going to happen. I figured out almost instantly that he was following and watching me, it was a strange feeling to know that my instinct worked so fast. I did score some pretty amazing pieces today so I guess it was almost worth the creepy asshole to find some great things.

Have you ever been followed? Did your instinct kick in right away like mine did?

If you are wondering, this shoe is super ultra comfortable, the leather is like butta!

Look Magazine from 1967

I found this magazine at my local thrift a couple weeks ago. I just love vintage magazines and this one was particularly interesting. It has some really neat pictures of some psychedelic face and body paint, that I believe I have seen before. I got super giddy when I spotted it. There is also a lot about the Vietnam war which is such a historic nightmare. Two of my uncles were in that war and one died (years after the war) because of complications from toxic chemicals he had been exposed to. The other also died of cancer years later, which most likely was due to the same problem although never confirmed. I hope you will enjoy these historic photos as much as I do!

I want to thanks you all for your lovely comments lately. I have been blogging for quite a while now and it took so long to get feedback from readers. I love reading all the kind words you have to share. If you have any questions you would like me to answer please leave a comment and I will try to answer them all.
The gorgeous cover that drew me in!

look magazine 1967

The article about painting your face! Doesn't the lower blond look like lady Gaga? I also think the brunette in the picture below this one looks like Minnie Driver.

look magazine 1967
look magazine 1967
look magazine 1967

I love the caption of this photo, it reads "The blond hair and the frekles suggest typical california surfer. The beads are hippie. She is neither."

look magazine 1967

look magazine 1967

Some of the photos got cut off, the title in full reads "What we can do to end the agony of Vietnam"
look magazine 1967

These could be my uncles, RIP Butch and Roger
look magazine 1967