Monday, August 17, 2009

People who know people who I know

As promised, pictures from last weekend, better late than never. Click to make them big, big, bigger.

I met this super sweet couple, she is a designer and created this dress. The red painted on designs are made with puff paint (not ironed therefore not puffy, just shinny) genius I say. She has a little booth downtown by F21 on Powell. I saw a tee shirt at Barney's this weekend that looked a lot like the design on her dress, her dress is much better though. Her sweet BF works at Marc Jacobs and told me to come in sometime and play dress up.
My camera was on some weird setting but I really like how these two photos came out. The party we were at had a net up and people were playing games.

At the Roxy, during the movie, hangout out in the lobby eating lots of popcorn. You wouldn't believe what goes on while you are watching movies.

My friends are headless.
I asked a guy to pour me some of his Champagne and he gave me a mix of these two, it was undrinkable. I pawned it off on another guy and got the proper plain version.
Have I mentioned I that I own 5 pieces of "kitty clothing" I think this should be the 6th.
During the movie, again.
Which version of M.J is for you?
I thought This old telephone poll was beautiful. I want to print some of the photos to hang up in the house. I took lots of them.


beckyxoxo said...

aww i agree she's totally a genius !

Isabel said...

Oh man, there are so many crazy old telephone poles full of rusty staples in Toronto! It;s great, I quite like them too.

Yes, I'll be seeing Grizzly Bear but I must admit that I don't share your enthusiasm for their music.