Thursday, January 29, 2009

More DIY inspirations

Im cleaning up my desktop again, you know what that means. Another inspiration post.  Here you go!!

I love this butterfly hair clip made out of peacock feathers. Made by Strawberry Kitten.

Always stylish, Jane from Sea of Shoes wearing a DIY her mom made

A simple but Fabulous dress/shirt from Pleasure Principle.


Gary Bigeni

Im in love with these designs.  I think I might try a DIY.  I'll keep you updated.

All designs from Gary Bigeni

Monday, January 26, 2009

Touristing in my own city

We had a nice city adventure today.  It's funny after living here almost 2 years I had yet to see many popular tourist destinations.  We went to Coit tower and took some photos from the top then headed over to Marin for some amazing Italian food.  Somewhere along the way we ended up at the George Lucas campus and saw some super dork statues.  It was a fun day!

Im wearing
Blazer-thrifted, can't read the brand
Skirt-80's vintage thrifted and altered (shortened)
Purse-Marshals, DIY studs
Glasses-corner store

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have started a new blog focusing on FRUMP!!  Check it out.   Thanks to my man for the inspiration.  XOXO


I was looking at a blog who shall remain nameless.  My boyfriend looks over and makes up a new term for hip librarian/nerd fashion.  It was hilarious.  I love the look of vintage, granny and nerd fashion.  It was really funny because I had never thought of it as "FRUMP CHIC".   Leave it to my comedian like man, to make me laugh. 

here are some examples of the look found in my archives, these were the closest thing to the picture he commented on.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HOT Pres!!

Is it o.k to be in love with your president?  HELL YEAH!

see more and read about this photo shoot here 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fancy Pants Errr, Dress

These photos are of some of the Sf ballet company costumes as seen in the Macy's windows.  

And a pretty sparkly chandelier in a hotel near civic center, adjacent to Starbucks

House Party

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Branching out

As I have been saying a lot lately, I have to wear black, white or grey to work.  It is challenging to have fun with my outfits when those three colors are the only ones I can wear.  I had some fun with my outfit toady.  I was first wearing the black and white skirt, then the grey.  Of corse the natural progression was to wear them both.  This was the end result.

Black/white skirt-inc thrifted
Grey skirt-vintage thrifted and altered
Belt-free from my friends boutique at Burning Man 2003 
Boots-miz mooz (I added the studs)
Bow earrings-dollar store
Coat-vintage thrifted from the 50's

DIY Fur scarf

As I was sitting around today waiting to go to work, I decided to look for a project.  I started going through my many drawers of fabric and discovered a forgotten gem.  This fur was from a stash of vintage fabrics that I inherited from my grandmother who was a seamstress beginning at age 3.  It's real fur and is also older than I am.  I would never buy new fur, but if it's vintage there is nothing I can do about it other than try to honor it by making it useful.   It was originally 2 separate pieces (most likely from a old coat) that I sewed together.  I then added the nice soft fabric on the other side as a liner.  I like how it turned out.  Now if it would just get cold enough to wear it here, the weather has turned into summer around here.  It's nice that it's warm, but I was enjoying the layering. 

the past

I left this comment today for the Glamourai and it got me thinking about my past fashion choices. So I am posting some pictures of when I was more colorful. These pictures span a large time frame maybe about 5 years, and yes I am a hair stylist, can you tell by my many hair do's, or some times, don'ts.

"I have been finding that my personal style has taken a beating as I have to only wear certain colors to work, black, grey and white. I have only been buying those colors unless its a amazing vintage piece. I'm starting to feel very blaw, but it has been interesting to come up with fun outfits with only a few colors allowed. I also feel like reading other peoples blogs has inspired me and also taken away some of my personal style. I now, sometimes think of other peoples outfits when getting dressed, instead of following my own creative instincts like I used to before getting into this crazy world of online fashion."

Riding a giant raccoon, this was a casual outfit about 4 years ago Vintage shoes, belt and sweater. 

At the beach in seattle, wearing a altered (shortened, added v neck and changed sleeves) vintage mexican dress, about 5 years ago

I have no idea when this was, but I'm thinking about 2004.  I miss that leather trench coat.

This is a vintage dress that I shortened and added sequins to, about 2 years ago

After my first fashion show for my clothing line, wearing a altered sweatshirt about 2 years ago as well 
This was at a great festival in Seattle about 3 years ago, wow my hair was bright.  Im wearing a vintage slip that I hand dyed and my favorite brown studded motorcycle boots

This was a night on the town, I'm wearing vintage lingerie and my finest vintage floor length "best color blue ever" coat.  about 2 years ago as well. 

Phi, fi , pho, fum

I'm still trying to add color to my wardrobe and the color I have been really into lately is this army green.  I found this great shall, drapey sweater thing that I am in love with, in that very color.  It seems to go great with black and grey.   Another color that I'm loving is this dark burgundy, its like a nice red wine (just look how beautiful that coat is).  Thanks to Phi for reading my mind with the lovely colors mixed with black!  I need to make a long skirt, better get to work!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Make the world sing in perfect harmony

Living in such a conscious city, a few months ago I started seeing all these interesting looking comfy shoes all over the streets.  I then found out that they were made by Toms, not knowing much about the company.  I came to find out that Toms is a conscious company that gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased.  One of my clients, an older woman, came in a couple months ago with a pair on and I commented on how I had been wanting a pair for myself.  She then told me she had about 10 different pairs in various colors and said they were the most comfortable shoes she has ever had.  She also mentioned that Blake the owner of Toms had sent her a free gift, a beautiful scarf from his travels for being a great supporter of his cause.  I thought that was such a sweet gesture and made me really want to support the company even more than I already had.  I had been wanting a pair but after trying them on, yes they were comfy and no they were not the most fashionable things ever but I thought I could wear them on comfy days with jeans.  I ended up buying a pair for my boyfriend for the holidays and he is absolutely in love with his (the brown and black suede with fuzzy inside).  I am now wanting the low booties or the boots, maybe even a fun pair of the sparkle shoes.   And for a added bonus,  just look how handsome Blake Mycoskie, the founder is. 

Giving to the kids