Thursday, October 29, 2009

Market Publique!

I just started selling on Market Publique, so now in addition to my Etsy shop, you can find some things on Market Publique too!  I thought I would try out something new.  Market publique is getting lots of great press and is a much smaller market place for vintage clothing than Etsy.  Now go check out the new "it" spot for vintage!!

Pre Halloween birthday and costume party

Here's a  few photos from our costume party outing last night.  We were celebrating Kristys birthday which made it perfect that there was a costume party.  I love dressing up and it was good to try out my costume before the REAL Halloween.  I think I might do a little altering of the dress, as in cut some fringe on the arms and a little bit off the hemline.  I want the hemline to be a bit more jagged and "natural". 

Kristy with the guys we met when we arrived, they were missing their Dorothy!  She will be out with them on Halloween. 

These two made their costumes and paper mache masks.  They were awesome, and won the couples category, natch.

Here is the front of my costume, I made a huge feather Bustle for the back last minute, it's gorgeous.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Family history

This photo was taken in 1930.  My grandmother is the gal in the front with the cute striped socks.  Her (my) family was very poor during the depression.  This photo was taken on a road trip her and the family took from Michigan to Oregon.  They had 7 break downs including flat tires and engine trouble.  They also picked up a dog and had a bed fall out the back.  My grandmother wrote a diary along the trip which I just had a chance to read, it was so lovely to hear a few words along the way.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Outfit for work

Quite a juxtaposition from my last colorful outfit.  This is a example of the grey/black combo that I have to wear to the salon.  It's actually fun for me to have boundaries and push the envelope with basic colors.  

I'm wearing
Blazer-Thrifted yesterday (vinatge)
Tank dress-Thrifted a couple months ago (original F21)
Necklace-Off a top from Marshalls (I bought the shirt for the necklace and ditched the top)
Boots-Thrifted about 7 years ago, I knew they would come back eventually :)

Costume Belt

This is the latest piece I have (almost) completed for my halloween costume. I really needed something to pull whole outfit together! There was previously way too much brown.  I used this leather scrap belt that I made a couple years ago as my base piece.  I then added the paint to give more color to the  outfit and to make it look more "tribal'.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wabi sabi

As I have mentioned in the past, my salon requires me to wear black, grey and white.  This is why I get a wild streak every once in a while to wear lots of color.  Today was a day like this.  I just started pulling things out and ended up with quite a wild outfit, for me.

Everything I am wearing today is thrifted, fun!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Easy DIY, perfect holiday gift Idea

I came across this necklace on Etsy a couple weeks ago made by etsy seller Daily Jumpsuit.  I thought It would be a perfect DIY opportunity.  As a professional hair stylist myself, I already had a large box of Bobby Pins at home as well as lots of ribbon.  The great thing about this necklace is that It can be made with a mix of colors, like the original below or you could play around with paint, different things to hang them on or add your own flair.  Of corse if you are not the craft type you can always purchase the original from The Daily Jumpsuit for a reasonable 12$.

The original necklace

Here are the supplies I had on hand, if you don't,  you can purchase the pins almost anywhere.  The large boxes run about 3-5$ and can be found at beauty supply stores.  The ribbon spools this size are usually around 1$.  These supplies would make many necklaces which are great holiday gifts for your stylish friends.

Here is the finished project, it is adjustable so you can wear it long or short (the smooth side)

Here is the other side with more texture.  You could always mix them up so its not at uniform as well.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New to the shop!

New vintage at Pretty Pirate designs.    There are some great new things, check it out!

Best jumpsuit ever!

Quick outfit post

I wore this about a week ago, I have been really busy and haven't had much time to think about taking photos of myself.   This is the skirt I made out of two bell bottom legs.  I'm about to do a large update for my etsy store, with some really awesome things.  I'll keep you updated, it will happen soon!

Also wearing
Vintage velvet jacket-thrifted and added vintage button
Vintage riding boots-Ebay
Vintage belt-thrifted

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This is how I feel about fall dressing!

I have been wanting to wear lots of frilly blouses with rich textural jackets and hippie throwbacks.   I have a gorgeous vintage wool navy cape that I can't wait to get out for fall and winter as well as my 1960's fringe leather jacket like the one below.  I love to wear layers and can't wait to start playing around!  I'm excited about the dark blue flared jeans that I over dyed.   This set contains many things I have, in different forms.  It's fun to put together a look book of things similar to my wardrobe.  It's such a good way to get excited about "shopping" your own closet!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Magic door in the Mission

I stumbled upon this mini door and window in a alley way in the mission yesterday. I wanted to climb on in but I didn't have the minimizing potion with me, unfortunately.

Monday, October 5, 2009

On top of the world

Twin Peaks has one of the best views in the city.  It really does feel as though you are on top of the world.  Saturday was really windy and chilly up there.  My boyfriend took me on a drive to try to find a good shot of the full harvest moon, it was beautiful.

I'm wearing
Coat-vintage 80's thrifted in my hometown
Leopard print shirt-vintage, thrifted
Jeans-Ross, I overdyed (from light denim)
Red silk scarf-gift from Boyfriends mom
Black bow shoes-vintage from Etsy

On top of the world

On top of the world

On top of the world