Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pre Halloween birthday and costume party

Here's a  few photos from our costume party outing last night.  We were celebrating Kristys birthday which made it perfect that there was a costume party.  I love dressing up and it was good to try out my costume before the REAL Halloween.  I think I might do a little altering of the dress, as in cut some fringe on the arms and a little bit off the hemline.  I want the hemline to be a bit more jagged and "natural". 

Kristy with the guys we met when we arrived, they were missing their Dorothy!  She will be out with them on Halloween. 

These two made their costumes and paper mache masks.  They were awesome, and won the couples category, natch.

Here is the front of my costume, I made a huge feather Bustle for the back last minute, it's gorgeous.

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