Monday, October 26, 2009

Family history

This photo was taken in 1930.  My grandmother is the gal in the front with the cute striped socks.  Her (my) family was very poor during the depression.  This photo was taken on a road trip her and the family took from Michigan to Oregon.  They had 7 break downs including flat tires and engine trouble.  They also picked up a dog and had a bed fall out the back.  My grandmother wrote a diary along the trip which I just had a chance to read, it was so lovely to hear a few words along the way.


Clara said...

i love your glasses in the previous post.
great blog.

Missa said...

What a great old family photo and to have a story to go along with it, so cool. Those socks are killin' me... ADORABLE!

Damsels said...

wow that is pretty impressive you are so lucky to have a piece of her history with you ..and even more impressive is that you have any written journals from the time .. i wish i had something like this

AK said...

How cool!! It's like a happy "Grapes of Wrath..."