Thursday, October 22, 2009

Outfit for work

Quite a juxtaposition from my last colorful outfit.  This is a example of the grey/black combo that I have to wear to the salon.  It's actually fun for me to have boundaries and push the envelope with basic colors.  

I'm wearing
Blazer-Thrifted yesterday (vinatge)
Tank dress-Thrifted a couple months ago (original F21)
Necklace-Off a top from Marshalls (I bought the shirt for the necklace and ditched the top)
Boots-Thrifted about 7 years ago, I knew they would come back eventually :)


Damsels said...

hi there ! missed your blog hun is it so weird that i consider you a familiar face haha .... came to chec k out al lthe posts ive missed ... and wow those buckled boots look like those opening ceremony sandals ... but better

Isabel said...

Those boots are GORGEOUS! Damn girl...