Thursday, July 31, 2008

Proper photo shoot

Outfit Details

One piece pants suit-vintage
various necklaces-thrifted vintage and my design
Shoes-Jessica Simpson
Feathered wig-multi culti on valencia

Moroccan food makes me happy

I had my first moroccan food last night and it was so tasty. If you are in SF,  highly recomend trying it, click on the link to go to the website.  I'm glad to have a friend in town that knows all the yummy fun places to get food.  Thanks Alexis!  I can't wait to take my sweetheart there.  By the way tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary.  Happy anniversary baby, sange, d-lux, senior k, Can't wait to see you when you get back from Paris! xoxox

details of what I was wearing

Scarf/poncho-my auntie made it and sent to me
Coat-thrifted (i think it is army issued) I love it!
Platform boots-miss mooz
fringe purse-I made it (pretty pirate designs)

Outfit for an adventure

We went out and about to see some parks and take the cute dog for a walk.  I had never been to the Seward street slides here in SF.  It was so much fun and I can't wait to go back. 

Im wearing

Grey jacket-pwc closet
Scarf/poncho- my auntie knitted and sent me

This is the view from the bottom of the slides

Willow arrives

This is willow with her new tattoo!  It's so great to have her here.  She just got the new Tattoo and it's from Kurt Vonnegut book.  Click for more detail.  Willow and Alexis made a amazing dinner.  We had roasted sardines over greens with special willow dressing, it was amazing.  And Alexis made the super yummy pasta with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil and fresh mozzarella.

Catching up!

Sorry about the delay, its been a whirlwind having my friend here.  So I am starting from saturday night.  I went to The movie in the park across the street from my house at Dolores park.  They were playing Breakfast club, one of the best 80's movies ever.  I hadn't seen it in so long that I forgot just how amazing it was.  Especially outside on the big screen with friends and some wine. 

The queen!!

Some friends of mine before the movie
This is what i wore

necklace-burlington but I lost it that night :( 

Monday, July 28, 2008

Playing dress up

Of corse my favorite thing to do as kid was to play dress up.  DUH!   I have already started thinking about Halloween and my costume.  Every year I plan to make a really interesting unique and creative costume.  Then every year it never happens.  I always wait till the last minute.  Luckily I have built up quite a costume/wig collection that I can come up with something.   But this year I really want to make something really neat.  Here are so old photos of my and friends dressing up for partys/halloween or fashion shoots.  Any Ideas???

halloween 2005 I'm a pirate on the bed with my sweetie
photo by ed shivley
This is very zena!
Photo by david hart, metal corset by beth from Orcas Island WA

Pretty in pink, hair and all
headband by me

This was a good last minute costume, a jester

I loved this face mask.
photo by ed shivley

Granny fashion

Anyone else ever use these spongey rollers as a kid?  I used to use them all the time, in high school.  I never wanted to get up early so these were a great way to have a good hair day, after sleeping in them all night.  But, there was that one time, I used a ton of them, the really small ones.  I woke up, took them out and looked like shirley temple.  It was bad.  I wore my hair up all day. From then on I would only use the larger type.  I just found these at the dollar store by my house a few days ago and thought I would try them out again.  Yep, they still work.   So here I am before sleepy time with the granny rollers!  Outfit shots soon to come!  Sorry about the M.I.A, having too much fun!  

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another blurry outfit edition

Sorry again for the blurr factor, next week should be much better as I will have a helper in town.  For now this is what you get!  Thanks for reading even though my pictures have been super lame lately.  I appreciate all your great comments! 

scarf-gift, worn as a bow (from india)
Tights-self cut
Shoes-Jessica Simpson, HA!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Favorite things, photo edition

I've been busy with the day job, so I thought I would post some of my favorite old pics, I guess this would be considered some of my favorite things. So for the 4th post of my favorite things, it's old photos.....HA!

Me in Sara's sunglasses for Seattle pride 06
I am wearing hand dyed vintage lingerie
photo by Ed shivley

At a dance club in seattle, I am wearing a vintage 80's dress
photo by sara

This was taken at the oregon country fair festival outside of Eugene OR.
Accidental awesome photo by me

Photo of my hand altered hippy pants and ring from Italy.
Photo by Ed Shivley, see above for link

Me in Italy 2006, very happy!
Photo by my mom

A house party in Seattle, on the back porch.

Sunset at Golden Gardens park in Seattle, my body is painted pink because I was in the solstice parade as a naked biker.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tye dye and Paris.......

My sweety got on a jet plane today headed to Paris for 2 weeks.  This means I am all alone and left to my own devices.  Luckily one of my favorite people will be here for the second week. Which means I really only have one week alone.  I am looking forward to getting things done and having some down time to sew.  I told the BF to get me a present in Paris, something from a indie designer, maybe jewelry.  We'll see what he comes up with.  Our 3 year anniversary is coming up and he will still be away, so we will be celebrating later.  This weekend I found myself wearing  tye dye a lot.  Here is the proof via photobooth, not the best quality but here we are. 

Shirt-vintage thrifted
Silver feather earings-f21
Bf funny look-priceless

Sweatshirt coat-PWCloset
Scarf-gift from Jennay thanks!
Tshirt-thrifted xxxl that I hemmed to make smaller
Leggings-thrifted years ago
Vintage brogues-thrifted

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Favorite store

I stopped by zara today and now it's my new favorite store!  I got some amazing new high waisted black pants and this great skirt.  I'm in love!  last time i ducked in I found nothing and had almost given up.  

Friday, July 18, 2008

I heart creme lacy shirts!

I have so many cream lacy shirts, this one is actually really long with ruffles along the bottom that I added to it, but it is tucked so you can't see them.   I just love the look of the cream with the black.  These pictures are after I added color back to my hair, it's still not quite perfect, but much better than it was earlier today. 

Outfit details

Shirt-thrifted then altered (took out lining and elastic)
Belt-from HnM pants
Boots-vintage, new on etsy
Scarf-thrifted years ago

My hair war!

I have been wanting to lighten my hair up for a while without damaging it now that is is semi healthy. I have had it long forever, in all shades of dark. My boss had a color remover product that he wanted to try out, so of corse I agreed to be the model. The coolest thing about this product is that it doesn't effect your natural hair color at all, which most color removers do. So here are the results and, I will post another picture today after I get it toned. I haven't done anything to it, since i had it done, to let it rest. It should be more carmely later today!

Before, see how dark the bottom layers are.

After, it is much lighter and felt amazing.  I would definitely recommend this Pravana color remover to anyone.  If you are in the SF area we offer this service at G squared.  If not, you will have to find someone in your area. 

Street Fashion at a rock show

This girl was so cute and sweet.  I lost the card I wrote her name and info on.  I do know she is starting a clothing line of high waisted pants and frilly shirts, like she is wearing here.  So, my new bathroom friend, if you happen to read this leave me your info in a comment and I will give you proper credit.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ghost tour of sf tonight.......

Check it out here!

My friends visiting from Seattle know a lady who is a some kind of psychic who talks to dead people. She is filming the tour tonight for a upcoming t.v. show, so we are going to the tour and will maybe have some 5 minutes of fame too. Updates later, and hopefully pictures of ghosts. waaaaahaaaahaaaaaa!!!

UPDATE!!!  Pictures of ghosts!

This is the tour guide who is awesome!!

If you look to the right of the door you see little orbs, those are the ghost, mary lake.  I took another picture right after this and they weren't there and there was no dust on my camera.  This is the woman's old office and the typical place she is seen in the hotel, room 410.  You can see the people feeling the and checking out the door.

Just some of the beautiful art and furniture in the old hotel.

Check it out here!

She's back, kinda

I assume most of you know that story of the raddest blogger disappearing in front of our eyes with no reason.  After reading many blogs with many theories someone found out she had a phirary profile.  I have been checking it periodically and finally, poof, new photos of the beautiful one!   Here they are, please enjoy, thanks to Agathe!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sunday night adventures in rock and roll

After our fun sunday, we went out with some friends to a rock show that night.  It ended up being a really fun night and the band from Australia was really fashionable. 

My outfit-
Marine milatary coat-thrifted years ago
Fringe leather purse-made by me
Vest-thrifted vintage
belt-thrifted vintage
Pants-bought in Italy, Sportmax

My friends are visiting from seattle, Erik is in a rad band called mexican ufo, check them out.

Sunday adventures

The boyfriend and I went on a little date on Sunday.  First we went to the craft fair, see last post.  Then being that we were so close to the water, my bf decided he wanted seafood, so we went to a super sweet dinner spot with an amazing view and had the surf and turf. All in all  great sunday.

I am wearing
New 50's vintage dress-buffalo exchange 
Vintage tee shirt-vintage 80's
Hand dyed 50's slip- thrifted with new tags still on it then dyed by me