Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Favorite things, photo edition

I've been busy with the day job, so I thought I would post some of my favorite old pics, I guess this would be considered some of my favorite things. So for the 4th post of my favorite things, it's old photos.....HA!

Me in Sara's sunglasses for Seattle pride 06
I am wearing hand dyed vintage lingerie
photo by Ed shivley

At a dance club in seattle, I am wearing a vintage 80's dress
photo by sara

This was taken at the oregon country fair festival outside of Eugene OR.
Accidental awesome photo by me

Photo of my hand altered hippy pants and ring from Italy.
Photo by Ed Shivley, see above for link

Me in Italy 2006, very happy!
Photo by my mom

A house party in Seattle, on the back porch.

Sunset at Golden Gardens park in Seattle, my body is painted pink because I was in the solstice parade as a naked biker.


Honeymoon said...

The shades are gr8 !

Annie said...

I like your big turquoise colored ring!

Pretty Pirate said...

Thanks you two, and a million thanks for reading!!

Eli Blake said...

I love the bumper sticker. Perhaps you can help the Emporer with some clothes?

The rest of your pictures look great too.