Monday, July 28, 2008

Granny fashion

Anyone else ever use these spongey rollers as a kid?  I used to use them all the time, in high school.  I never wanted to get up early so these were a great way to have a good hair day, after sleeping in them all night.  But, there was that one time, I used a ton of them, the really small ones.  I woke up, took them out and looked like shirley temple.  It was bad.  I wore my hair up all day. From then on I would only use the larger type.  I just found these at the dollar store by my house a few days ago and thought I would try them out again.  Yep, they still work.   So here I am before sleepy time with the granny rollers!  Outfit shots soon to come!  Sorry about the M.I.A, having too much fun!  

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