Monday, July 28, 2008

Playing dress up

Of corse my favorite thing to do as kid was to play dress up.  DUH!   I have already started thinking about Halloween and my costume.  Every year I plan to make a really interesting unique and creative costume.  Then every year it never happens.  I always wait till the last minute.  Luckily I have built up quite a costume/wig collection that I can come up with something.   But this year I really want to make something really neat.  Here are so old photos of my and friends dressing up for partys/halloween or fashion shoots.  Any Ideas???

halloween 2005 I'm a pirate on the bed with my sweetie
photo by ed shivley
This is very zena!
Photo by david hart, metal corset by beth from Orcas Island WA

Pretty in pink, hair and all
headband by me

This was a good last minute costume, a jester

I loved this face mask.
photo by ed shivley


The Clothes Horse said...

Too fun! I love to play dress up as well, but I hardly ever have an excuse. The last Halloween costume I did was the first one in years, but it was awesome!

Chester said...

HapiBlogging to you my friend! Have a nice day!

Tamagosan said...

I say some kind of sexy uniform... :-)

MR style said...

ok so u'r a very hot pirate then !!! cool blog