Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DIY day!!

I have been slowly adding to and creating my halloween costume, here is the updated version of the headdress and the necklace I made.  The necklace is made with leather, a piece of some Vietnamese or Thai pants that I also cut off today (more on that in a minute) and a large fake turquoise stone.   The headdress is made with feathers from my father who is a hunter (duck I believe) and some white ones that were purchased, the rest of the supplies I had in my crafting stash.

I also decided to dye these jeans darker, besides the stains they have collected I have been wanting some dark flares a la Rachel Zoe.  For some reason it is easier to find the lighter ones these days so I made my own.  They aren't dry yet and they are much darker than the pictures shows them to be.  I think they turned out well but I'll let you know when they are dry.

This skirt is made from some amazing Vietnamese or Thai tribal pants that I have had for a while, they have always been too big but I had to purchase them because they were so beautiful.  I have been wanting to turn them into a skirt for a while and finally did it today after seeing a blog post that finalized the idea in my head.  The original pants were a elastic waist with huge flares on both legs about 1/2 way down.  I always knew the flares would make the best skirt and I was right.  I'm so glad I finally made it, thanks to the Stylist wanderer for the push.


MaddyLane Photography said...

fabulous love the head piece, marvelous creation!

Missa said...

Oooh, I LOVE the headress and necklace! Your costume is going to be amazing and the DIY skirt is super cute too, nice job!


This headdress is absolutely amazing! So original!!!

I love it!

JanuskieZ said...
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janet said...

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Stéphanie said...

Great !