Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New items at Pretty Pirate Designs

I posted some new stuff in my Etsy store today. Check it out!! Lots more photos in the store.

Oversized 80s sweatshirt, super long, slim and soft, with painted on fringe!

70s leather woven belt, perfectly distressed and worn
Quirky 60s republican "vote" belt
Black leather belt with large metal studs
Pendleton inspired 80s sweater (better than the topshop colab!!)
60's mod bikini


Diary of a Young Designer said...

OMG I'm adoring the belts! Off to check your etsy shop!


stripiyilby said...

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Damsels said...

the sweatshirt is so cute

michellehendra said...

that's great! the bikini is drop dead gorgeous! :))


Isabel said...

Ohmigod, your Pendleton-esque 80s sweater is killing me! I need something like that to add to my crazy knitwear collection!