Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pescadero daycation with mom

My mom was in town last weekend so we went to a cute lilttle town which included a really neat goat cheese dairy and lots of old buildings.  We had a nice time on our little adventure.  I wore my new Vintage kimono again because I can't get enough of it.

I'm also wearing
Black tank-Marshals
Black vintage beaded necklace-worn as harness
Vintage levis
Lipstick-gift from mom, love it!  Thanks mom!
How cute is my mom's outfit with her converse!

These goats were so friendly ans cute!
The kitty welcoming crew outside the cheese shop.

The rock of seals. 


Damsels said...

this last picture s pretty amazing . and wow i love this kimono ...its alot more wearable than others ive seen . because it doesnt look like a costume maybe and the color is nice

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

AK said...

Great pics! Your mom is super cute, and I love your kimono. Also, KITTEHS!

Missa said...

I love Pescadero. Such a cute little town and the market there sells the BEST artichoke cheesebread, maybe the best bread I've ever tasted, not to be missed!

The kimono is gorgeous and yes, your mom is cute as a button in her chucks :)

P.S. The dollar rack, yes! I was getting discouraged because I made my way through most of the store and hadn't found anything and then I came upon the dollar rack and there was that feather tank, a cute vintage apron I gave to my mom, AND a vintage 1983 Police Synchronicity concert tee... this amazing blue/green 80's color somewhere between mint green and turquoise, but perfectly faded and worn in, and the oxiclean worked some wonders on that one too!