Friday, August 7, 2009

Diy Fringe purse!!

I love to make purses, they are simple and you can wear them A LOT. This is actually my 3rd leather fringe purse, you can see the first one here. I have 2 black ones. Today as I was reorganizing all my craft bins I came across all my leather scraps. I decided right then and there it was time to make the brown one. I've been looking for a darker brown leather purse but have yet to find a good one. So, what's a gal to do but make her own. I started with a brown leather skirt that I had thrifted for a few months ago. Old leather skirts, pants and vests are great to reuse for leather projects. Then I decided the shape I wanted it to take. I like my purses really big so I made it as big as possible while maintaining a nice shape. I made some fringe and added it to one of the seams (inside). Next I added a zipper and then used the waistband of the skirt for the handle. Pretty simple design, all you need is some scraps, a leather needle for your machine and some creativity. I might add some gold circle studs like the other one but I couldn't decide where I wanted them so I will wait until that comes to me.


Damsels said...

omg this is amazing . i wish i could do it . but well i dont really believe in my abilities at diy for this sort of thing

do you sell any ?

Pretty Pirate said...

Damsels, not selling yet but If/when I start I'll post on the blog fo sure!

leather skirts said...

Nice purse!I like really big purses so I made it as big as possible while maintaining a nice shape.