Friday, August 21, 2009

Vintage Kimono

I found this Kimono the other day, it's so beautiful, the liner is a lovely bright print too. I might try to wear it inside out. I can tell it's well made and really old. This is the second one I have found at the same thrift store. SCORE!!! I really liked this outfit today, I felt like it was really "me". Many people stopped me on the street to tell me I looked pretty or was beautiful. It's always nice to hear even if it's from street folk. I made a beaded harness/vest from a old (60s) 6 strand necklace I got at a garage sale a few years back (at the city wide garage sale), it's the prefect length to play around with.

A few weeks from now I get to go back to the town (Jacksonville, OR) that my family lives in for their annual city wide garage sale, I'm so excited to stock up for the store and myself. I'm hoping to find some vintage that is older that the 70's. This city makes it hard to find and if I do it's expensive even at the charity shops. WIsh me luck and remember my readers always get 10% off in my store, just mention the blog in the notes to seller!!

Vintage kimono-thrifted
Beaded Harness-made from vintage necklace
Boots-blowfish, ebay

Vintage Kimono

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