Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Professional photos

A new friend of mine is a professional photographer.  Aubrie Pick  is so sweet and adorable, she looks just like Anna Paquin who I adore as well.   She found this great spot while walking her dog and asked me to be the model in which I happily obliged.  We shot the photos at dusk, the lighting was so amazing.  This shot is just the first of many that she has edited so there is way more to come.  This shot was actually one of the last shots, we had not planned on shooting in front of this door, it was a after thought.  The other shots were on stairs, balconies and the driveway at this old apartment building.  I had so much fun modeling, I wish I had someone to do my outfit photos all the time!   I styled the outfit, makeup and hair.  Sorry the picture is so small, thats how it came to me via Facebook.

I'm wearing

 Vintage Hat-Thrifted
Vintage Harley Davidson Tee-Thrifted
Vintage Leather Skirt-Thrifted
Vintage Leather Jacket-Yard Sale in Oregon
My Favorite Vintage Belt-Etsy
Tights-Slashed by me (old)
Vintage Goth boots-Thrifted Years ago in Seattle


Tamagosan said...

Can't wait to see more!!!

Eyeliah said...

oh fun, one day I want someone else to take some pictures of me too (lol).

t said...

Cool look!

Missa said...

Very cool, looking forward to seeing more!