Monday, April 5, 2010


After quite a long hiatus on the performance front, I had the pleasure of performing with a crazy awesome hip hop/lounge group this past weekend.  Kalri$$ian is composed of mc's and a d.j. who rap about serious business aka drugs, alcohol and the ladies.  Think.... Too Short in a 70's ear Boogie Nights atmosphere.   These guys are so much fun and really talented.  A few of them are also in a couple other groups,  Celsius 7 and  Psychokinetics.  I had a absolute blast hanging out with them and my other fellow dancing kitty. 

 Here is their bio.........

Smooth Rick Chosen is a mildly schizophrenic male prostitute with an in-pants sidekick named Perseus. Chachi Harlem is his Fandango-puppet-obsessed partner in crime. Tyrone Shoelaces is a hard-drinking former schoolboy pimp with severe women issues. Felix Livinglow is their smooth-talking, scatalogically-obsessed British friend.

Together, and joined by legendarily mustachioed production team Keylo Venezuela and "Uncle" Tony Highrise, these engagingly foul-mouthed misfits are KALRI$$IAN.

Their debut record "Tales from the Velvet Pocket" does with 50s and 60s lounge music what "Enter the Wu-Tang" did with kung-fu movies - setting a substance-fueled James Bond backdrop for the unadulteratedly sleazy tale of a money-losing male escort service, a botched casino robbery, and pervasive sexual depravation. Featuring guest appearances from Mickey Avalon and Dirt Nasty, it's the black comedy hip hop album of the year. 

I am wearing-
70's vintage dress-thrifted many years ago
Hand dyed camisole
Shoes-Marshals Franco Sarto
Vintage belt


Panty Buns said...

You look hot in that vintage dress and hand dyed cami! Love watching the YouTube video. I'll have to log in to my YouTube channel (misterpantybuns), watch the Karlrissian-Sheista Heista video there too leave a comment. You guys are hot.

TorontoVerve.: said...

Cool band -- great music. Love how the girls were throwing coke at the audience. Hilarious.

ingreygardens said...

That dress is AMAZING! Gawsh, I wanna borrow it so badly.