Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beautiful, creative and fun!

My new header is courtesy of one of my favorite people who also happens to be an amazing artist!  Her name is Mary Thomas, she is a watercolor artist living in New Mexico.  Her and I used to be house mates in Seattle years ago.  I've always loved her paintings and feel lucky to have a few of my own to gaze at endlessly.  Recently I contacted her about using one of her images for my header, she happily obliged.  I wanted to use the painting she did of me a couple years ago but unfortunately it is long gone, sold.  She doesn't even have a photo of it, I guess I should have saved the picture from her website when I had the chance!


Panty Buns said...

Her paintings have qualities in their colouration that make them look illuminated, similar to the way some paintings set in a stained glass window do. They are quite fascinating.

Jocelyne said...

she uses a lot of gold and silver leaf as well as layering within the waxy layers, more info on her page!

Missa said...

Wow, her work is beautiful! I love the softness that the encaustic gives the watercolor :)

Love the header!

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Really gorgeous images. They have a lovely art nouveau feel to them as well.

taryn said...

Her work really is gorgeous!
Congrats on your beautiful header!

~taryn xx

Nubiasnonsense said...

Shes very talented.. Such pretty art