Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moving on up!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I am going through a breakup (after 5 years) and trying to figure out where to live, ect.  I did find a place and am very happy with the location and the studio.  I will have 2 huge walk in closets which is a dream come true!  In addition to the large closets I will have lots of natural light which is something I am lacking now too.  The apartment is a studio in a old 1020's building so it's not huge but the closet space will make up for it and everything will be really organized.

In the mean time I have a couple random outfit shots that didn't make it on the blog, they are a little silly so bare with me.  Things should be getting back to normal in a couple weeks.  Thanks for your support!

This is my friend Emily and I at ShowNUFF which is a weekly, Friday night- happy hour at 111 Minna.   It includes free live music and drink specials.   My friend Conrad started it and does all the booking. 

I am wearing

Vintage/altered fleur de lis dress (cut off the sleeves and made it shorter)
Vintage crochet vest
F21 earrings

This is before going to another Friday night at ShowNuff.

I am wearing

Vintage kimono
Black tunic from Anthropology
Belt from a vintage dress I have
Lace leggings by Hue
Vintage boots by Zodiak

These are my current favorite rings that are attached to my hands. 

Vintage Turquoise ring
Pyramid ring from TJ Maxx
Native American Chief ring from X generation on Haight
Large silver ring from Multi Culti on Valencia


Charlotte said...

Cute outfits! Congrats on the new place. Stay strong...sometimes change is the best thing!

xoLauraox09 said...

Love your rings!
Sorry to hear about your break up


x x x x

Tamagosan said...

LOVE the ring on the far left!
Shownuff looks fabu; sorry we missed each other last Fri!
And does this mean you're officially taking the studio???????????? SO EXCITED!!! It seems like a true spring of truly new beginnings. Good luck with everything, esp. that organization. I've been in my new place, what, several months, and... yeah...

Jocelyne said...

Thanks ladies!
Alexis, I'm moving across from the Clift hotel, not into reb's place!

Eyeliah said...

I am so sorry to hear the breakup but glad you are getting sorted. Feel free to email me anytime to chat (and ps you won my last giveaway!).

Missa said...

Sorry to hear about the breakup Jocelyne, those are never fun, especially not after being with someone for so long. At least you're out enjoying your Friday nights though! I love your rings, they look perfect together :)

p.s. I'm still gonna get a lil' package sent off to you one of these days, so you'll have to update me with your new address.

Take care, hope all goes smoothly with the moving and the organizing!