Thursday, May 13, 2010

Looking up at you!

What a pleasant surprise to run into someone I admire.  Last night I went to a happy hour with a friend and afterwards we stepped into a local dive bar to have a drink and wallah.....Amy Sarabi!  For those who are unaware, she was on the most recent Project Runway, yes the one that Seth Aaron won.  Seth Aaron lives in my home town and I adore him.  I was rooting for him to win.  First because of the home town connection and then because of his talent.  Amy had nothing but great things to say about Seth Aaron and told me that she agreed his win was well deserved.  She joked that he would have completed a whole suit by the time she had finished a half of a pair of leggings.  The show was apparently even more stressful than it looks on T.V, she mentioned they usually only got about 10 hours to complete the garments.  Amy was a absolute doll, I was nervous about talking to her because I didn't want to act all star struck but she was just a normal gal albeit a very talented one.   She also said she loved my outfit which was such a complement coming from her!  Luckily I took some photos of my outfit before I left home. 

Here I am with Amy and her friend Sage (they attended design school together)  Sage now works in L.A designing jeans. 

The outfit

Vintage Jacket- Jones New York/ Thrifted
Vintage 60's Wool Dress-Altered/Thrifted
Vintage Neckalces-Thrifted
Vintage Silk Pajamas/Leggings-60's? thrifted
Vintage 80's Boots-Etsy
Feathered/Braided Headband-My Design, Pretty Pirate Designs


Charlotte said...

That is so exciting! I loved her on the show, so cool you got to meet her! I love your outfit too!

Charlotte said...

How exciting you got to meet her! I loved her on the show. I love your outfit too!


Woww im happy for you ;)

Missa said...

How fun! I haven't seen an episode of Project Runway in years but that's pretty cool that you knew who she was and got to hang out with her.

I'm loving those glasses on you, sooo cute!

hannah said...

love your glasses and crazy cool tights! and thats so cool you ran into a project runway contestant :-)

Damsels said...

love the long necklace .. its super unique design