Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Home is where the DIY is

Im all moved into my new studio, I love my new hood and my place is so cute.  It's nice to live alone so far, I'm sure I will get lonely but for now I am enjoying it.  I finally figured out a place in my apartment where I get internet for free, wooo hoooo.  I just hope it lasts.   

I decided to turn a old belt into some boot straps earlier today, I'm so happy with the results.  It was a Zara belt that was super long so it looked like 2 belts.  It never really fit right, so I chopped it up, added the smaller studs that I already had and wallah..... it's perfect!   

The view from the entry way with a partial view of the kitchen.  You can see my vintage pink beauty chair. 

View from behind the bed, I love the 3 huge windows, it's so bright in here!

My bed, new bed set and side table from craigslist.  I think I might paint the bed frame white.  I like the tables the teal color though.  Vintage bedspread from my grammy!

Partial view of the bathroom.  the other view has my silver tray with vintage  silver mirror, brush and comb.

The boot straps!  


Eyeliah said...

Oh I like your new place, very shabby chic (my favorite). I tend to get all furniture from craigslist, I also found my apartment and job on there! It’s quite the resource. And those are some boot straps fit for a Pretty Pirate indeed ;-)

Missa said...

I saw a pair of boots just like those (sans awesome new bootstraps of course) at the thrift store the other day and was so bummed they weren't my size. Your new place looks so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Your new place looks super cute! <3

-Dyanna Pure