Friday, March 13, 2009

Little knots tied together

While I was on the train today an older woman stepped up next to me and told me "her mother had a table cloth just like that". She was referring to my skirt. I agreed that I had indeed made my skirt out of a old table cloth. She proceeded to tell me that this particular type of tablecloth lace was all hand tied with small little knots. I then looked much closer at the lace and could really tell that it was all done with little knots. The interesting part is, when I cut this cloth up and hemmed it in a few spots it didn't unravel much. I now know why. I have much more respect for my old tablecloth skirt after my little history lesson today.

I'm wearing
Vintage flats with large bows
HnM lace leggings
Grey tunic dress-thrifted
Diy table cloth skirt

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