Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Im obsessed, military edition.

Lucky for me I have always had a thing for milatary inspired looks. It all started with my ww2 green army pants in high school, I loved those things so much, they eventually became a skirt hemmed with safety pins. Damn, I should have never gotten rid of that piece. It didn't make the cut when I moved to SF from Seattle. Ever since those amazing pants that started it all I have gotten many military issued coats, a cropped one ( I used for DIY), a longer one, a parka, the great brown one and the wool cape. I love them all so much yet I seem to not wear any of them very much. I have been wearing the cape more lately. There is a problem and it is this... I have too many coats and I have a really hard time getting rid of any of them. I did a huge purge when I moved here but the coat collection has built its way back up. Maybe I need to be a coat/shoes dealer. That would help immensely.

I love this is Balmain jacket, photo from the Sartorialist
Parka, longer in back, so cute!
Super warm cape, almost too warm for Sf. It was perfect this winter in Portland.
Simple and slim
This one is seriously old, I had to replace some of the buttons, which is why they all don't match. Anyone know what/where this is from?

I cut this one up as a DIY, I made a tail with a bustle in back.

This pakistani vest is not really military but I love the rope work and mirrors, it reminds me of the first photo from Balmain. It's new and I can't wait to wear it.


Anonymous said...

That old one that you needed to sew the buttons on for is an Elizabethan style men's jacket. Think shakespeare's era and you've got it. Probably originally from either a reinactor's closet or a theater's costume selection.

Pretty Pirate said...

Thanks for the tip, all I know is that it extremely old and some parts are falling apart because if it. The lining is very fragile. I love it though.