Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time for a inspiration post!

I'm so terrible, some of these images original origin excape me but I thought I would post anyway. Hey any press is better than none, right. I will leave a bit of info for the ones I remember. These are all the inspiration photos that were building up on my desktop, so here you go, enjoy!

Via Etsy, The collar is attached, Sorry I can't remember the designer, I'm sure it's saved on my etsy is you really want to know, ask.
?? Can't remember, some designer, love this as a DIY! see below for front

Same designer from Etsy (see above)
I love this capelet, another great DIY inspiration. Maybe start with a old skirt cut it then add all the ruffles?
Outfit inspiration, street fashion (can't remember from where)

Love this look, from lookbook nu?? DIY perhaps
I love suzie's pants here, I have made some similar in the past and want to make another longer pair.
I love the sweater as a DIY, man do i need to work


the freelancer's fashionblog said...

I love the whole boho-gypsy chick look, even if i wont go for it myself (but I did some eight ten years back). Makes me think of old circuses and such...

MaddyLane Designs said...

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