Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marni fall 09 DIY

I Thought these necklaces were wonderful. I decided it seemed like a easy DIY. I have a huge collection of vintage jewelry making supplies so I went out it. I used hot glue but I'm not sure it is going to stick so I might have to reinforce it with strong jewelry glue, which I have as well. I most likely won't wear it out until I do that.

I started out with some scrap leather from a purse I made. I folded it in half so it was even on both sides then cut it with scalloped edges.

Then I added this old earring who was all alone, I lost the other right after I got them a few years back and have been saving it for some sort of DIY. I attached it with some studs which I bought at a leather store in Seattle.

Then I laid out all the pieces and started glueing them on one by one. I started in the middle then went back and forth on either side to balance it out. (I used hot glue but will need to go back and use something stronger) I have a really strong jewelry glue that I will use. It needs to dry for about a day. I will see if I still like the layout and then make it final. I might make it smaller and more compact.
The finished project so far.


the freelancer's fashionblog said...

That's really nice! You have to post more pics thenn if you alter it still.

unicorn107 said...

love it!...could u please post some more pics when u fill it up?