Saturday, October 4, 2008

New stuff for fall

I thought it was going to be cold today, but it ended up being warm.  The weather woman said it was going to rain and it did but it was early in the morning.  This is what I wore to work and I was over heated all day.  I have been waiting to wear my leggings more as well as these new boots and shirt.  The leggings are American Apparel. The boots are Charles David via Ebay. This lacy shirt is vintage I believe it was a dress before someone cut it into a tunic length shirt.  I am also wearing a under tee from F21 and a large ring from multiculti on Valencia.  Remember you can click on photos for more detail as a lot of it is lost being that it's all black.   

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AK said...

Very nice -- I love leggings and tights so much. Nice legs too, btw. :)