Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Successful thrifting today

I went to a couple of my local thrift stores today and found just what I was looking for.  I must wear black/grey/white to work and I get bored easially, luckily black is huge now so it has been easy to find interesting black pieces around. 

 Today I got these amazing (studded with zippers on both sides) 80's vintage ankle boots, I was so thrilled that they fit me, when I first found them I had major doubts and was going to get them anyway to put in my Etsy store.   I was so blessed that they fit me.  I put some comfy insoles in  and now they are good to go. 

The rest of the outfit is also thrifted today except for the HnM lace leggings.  I only spent 11$ on this whole outfit minus the leggings. I had to alter the skirt a bit because it was too small, I just cut the top off and remade the waistband. The shirt is really interesting with a built in top layer that drapes down and goes around the waistband as well. 

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Tamagosan said...

OMG I <3 pic #2 of you!