Monday, October 13, 2008

New handmade hat

I started making my Halloween costume today.  I have been wanting a cool mini top hat/ fascinator for a long while, but not wanting to pay 100$ plus for a gorgeous topsy turvy one.  I found a really crappy cheap one at the costume store for 15$ but it was super cheesy and tacky.  So I took it upon my self to make one, I used things I already have in my craft stash and didn't purchase anything.  I started with cardboard (shoe box and a garment gift box) then used fabric ( a nice soft brocade), feathers (peacock), trim (black with sparkle thread in it), flowers (little blue ones) and some green vintage glass rhinestones.  I was inspired by a great steampunk tutorial on threadbanger and I used it for the base of the hat as well as the shirt and skirt in the next post.  Have I mentioned I love love love threadbanger.  

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Astrid said...

Looking good..! Excited to see your entire Halloween costume.