Monday, June 22, 2009

Paddle boats, ducks, turtles and waterfalls

Golden Gate park has so many fun things to do. On Saturday we went to Stow lake for a paddle boating adventure. It was a gorgeous day and tons of people had the same Idea as we did. The lake is the perfect size to go around about one time in a hour. As you take your journey on the lake you pass Islands with birds and turtles, a beautiful chinese gazebo, a tall waterfall and lots of beautiful trees and nature.

I"m wearing
Vintage Jean jacket-Thrifted
Black tank-Marshals
Shoes-Etsy (originally India)







Damsels said...

your hair is so lovely .. oh bytheway .. what dry shampoo didi you usE?

and is therea good drugstore one?

Anonymous said...


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Pretty Pirate said...

Re: dry shampoo,

I'm not sure about the one you mentioned but if it works for you then I'm sure it's great. I am using one called Batiste "blush" It's a nice floral scent and works well, doesn't irritate my scalp at all, which happens a lot with reg hairspray for me.

elle s'ennuie said...

That looks like a superlovely place from the pictures, the last one is especially sweet. :D

Tamagosan said...

You lucky duck; what a fabulous day at Stow Lake!!