Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Outfit for Today, I cut bangs again

Since you can see my dry shampoo here I might as well take this opportunity to tell you how this stuff has changed my life. I am so addicted now. I was wearing my hair only curly for a while because when I straighten it, it gets so oily so fast. Dry shampoo is a gift from the hair fairies. I told my girlfriend about it last night then sprayed some on her, she also could not believe it's effectiveness at taking away the oily from her fringe (she has to shampoo everyday becuase her hair gets so oily by the end of the day). There are many kinds out there, so just look for it where you shop. I have one from Renee Furterer from france as well as a brand from Sally Beauty supply (pictured). I just found out that Tigi makes one now too and rumor has it that the terrible Heidi from the hills is going to be coming out with one soon. Which ever you choose, just make sure to spray it under the part and rub it in so it's not too white. If you are too monitaryily challenged, just use some corn starch or baby powder, but use sparingly and rub it in under the part.

Today I am wearing
Jean jacket-Vintage thrifted
Grey shirt-Old Navy
Belt-Vintage Thrifted
Skirt-new with tags thrifted
Leggings-AA high waisted
Shoes-Etsy seller cookies and cream




Damsels said...

pretty pretty skirt

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i love dry shampoo too - but i never had the spray version...that's what i need! but does it dry your hair out...i feel like it makes mine brittle (i use fredric fekkai).

i'm cutting bangs too - so excited for a new look!