Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Outfit for Tuesday

Here I am back to taking my own shots. This is what happens when you have too many days off and everyone else it at work. I am in love with all things 70's as I have mentioned before here and here. I wanted to wear these jeans but not look too "70's". My other new favorite thing is Picnik for editing my photos, even if they are crappy mirror photos I can make them look so much better with a little effort. I have been completely spoiling myself this week. I had a facial on Monday and today I went and got a pedicure and some chin waxing (it sucks to get old). I am not usually a pedicure lady, having gone to beauty school, I usually do my own toes. I think that's going to change, it's so worth the 20 bucks to relax and let someone else do the work. I stand on my feet for half of the week at the salon so I deserve it! Thats what I will keep telling myself, plus if I wasn't doing that I would have been shopping and my boyfriend is getting frustrated with all the stuff I keep bringing home for myself and my store. This way we both win.
O.k, o.k......Here are the details.

Vest-Thrifted vintage at the goodwill by the pound store in Seattle
Tee-Thrifted vintage Harley Davidson, I cut neck and sleeves
Jeans-Seven for all mankind at Marshalls
Shoes-Thrifted 90's gladiatior heels, so comfy too!



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