Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What I want to wear for spring!

I made a fun little set to enter a contest Via Gala Darling for modcloth.  For spring, I am really feeling girly, frilly with a bit of rugged toughness and natural elements.

Sorry my posts are lagging, I have been going through some personal things and have some stuff to take care of.

In better news, I also have something really amazing to look forward to this weekend.  A amazing photographer, Alex Farnum who lives on my block is doing a 2 day shoot for a new batch of portraits and I am blessed to be one of the models.  He is a extremely well published and just won a photography award.  Please check out his work, it's stunning!  Did I mention how excited I am.  I did some modeling when I was younger and have always loved being photographed, even though I do it myself now which is hard.  Wish me luck with having a good hair/makeup/body day!

Spring with Modcloth hat

Spring with Modcloth hat by prettypiratedesigns featuring TopShop


Missa said...

That's so exciting about the photo shoot, can't wait to see some pics!

Eyeliah said...

oh this outfit is so chic, I have been saying for a couple years now, once in my 30s I'm moving into a more bohemian style. :-)